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Best Andis Clippers Review

As long as human beings have hair, it is a matter of concern to manage them properly. In the very beginning, hair maintaining, shaving and trimming; these terms didn’t exist because of the lack of knowledge regarding Best Andis Clippers.

But slowly through the civilization process, people came to understand that they need to invent something for the maintenance of their hair. With the help of modern technology, people invented clippers to aid their hair maintaining issues.

Andis, is such a company which produces the best clippers in this case. Be patient while reading this article as we provide you with all the necessary information about the Best Andis Clippers.

Best Andis Clippers Review

Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Trimmer

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Weighing only 11.2 lbs, this product is made with full alloy steel.  The T-blades are zero-gapped to provide the ultimate cutting experience even in the tricky places.  This is ideal for dry shaving and fading. The manufacturers have used Polymer as the body material which makes it super-comfortable.

As for the performance, it has a powerful 7200 strokes per minute magnetic motor which operates at 120 volts and produces 60Hz of frequency. It has an 8 feet long cord which provides extra room for any sort of Barber Clippers usages. A bottle of blade oil is also provided with the package.

Andis 01557 Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

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Andis has used high performance carbon steel to build this beast. This particular product is unbreakable and provides you with ultra-durability as well as service. A very potent magnetic motor which can generate 14000 strokes per minute along with the sharpest zero-gapped adjustable blades help you to have smooth cutting experience.

For premium comfort, the manufacturer has given a side switch which can be controlled by using your thumb only! The machine operates at 120 volts/ 60Hz and weighs only 20oz. You can get this corded master clipper in just $92.99.

Andis 04603 Outliner

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As you can tell by the name that this product is perfect for outline cutting. The body is made with full alloy steel and the blades are all of high carbon (extra sharp), which makes it comfortable and a perfect fit for close cutting experience.

In terms of power, the motor that they have used is a premium magnetic 7200 SPM motor. It lasts longer enough if compared to the other clippers. An 8 feet long cord is attached with the clipper which provided you enough room. The product comes in your hand in just $63.50 with a blade oil and 4 attachment combs.

Andis 17150(TS-1) Pro Foil Shaver

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This trimmer is slightly different from most of the trimmers out there. The manufacturers have used Titanium instead of Carbon to make the blades. This makes the clipper ideal for fading and shaving in sensitive places like ears, neck etc.

Ultra-lightweight (5oz.) and a special foil of hypoallergenic titanium material make this the perfect fit for all skin types. A rechargeable lithium ion battery is inserted which can serve up to 80 minutes if fully charged and that is more than standard service time. Operates at 100-240 volts. Is has 2 drive shafts which are independent.  The product comes in your hand for just $64.62.

Andis 32400 Slim line T-blade Trimmer

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Weighing only 140 grams, this carbon steel bodied trimmer can solve all of your shaving problems. The manufacturer has made it as a product of balance of power, durability and comfort. A very powerful 6000SPM motor is provide as power source that operates at 120 Volts, 50Hz.

The item is super comfortable and convenient in terms of using. The design is ergonomic and ultra-flexible. The T-line blades are ideal for fading, shaving and trimming and do not cause any irritation on the skin. A rechargeable lithium ion battery is also provided which can serve you up to 2 hours while being cordless. Costs only $59.19.

Andis 24565 27 Piece Combo Trimmer

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Surprised with that ’27 piece’ stuff? You better get yourself amped as this T-Blade trimmer gives you more than you can ever imagine. This Promotor feature is four times more efficient than any other magnetic motors.

We’ll not talk about the power of this trimmer because it has already passed the standard level. But what you need to know is that you’re getting extra benefit from this product. It’s comfortable, durable and most of all it provides you with a 27 piece tool set. That includes a comb, a case, 12 clipper combs and 4 extra attachment combs, oil, brush and many more. Grab this in just $55.99 now!

Andis 69100 Pro-Alloy Clipper (Adjustable)

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The manufacturer has used a specialized XTR technology. This allows the machine to run in lower temperature and it also runs 10% quieter than most other trimmers. Also, a 20% vibration reduction facility is provided with the grace of this technology.

The alloy steel provides ultimate grip and comfort while cutting. The adjustable carbon blades allows you to have maximum freedom while cutting. This corded machine has a 7200SPM motor (magnetic), runs at 120 Volts/60Hz and the whole package comes with 11 extra attaching combs including blade oil and a safe guard. Super light; weighs only 22oz.

Buying Guide

While buying an Andis clipper you should keep some basic things in your mind. Our goal is not just to let you know about the best Andis Clippers, but also to keep you guys acquainted with some of the crucial facts about them so that you don’t get cheated by the fake ones.

  • Andis is a USA based company which makes various hair tools including clippers, razors and many more. While buying one, it is suggested that you should look into the manufacturer’s description pretty closely. There are many fake companies that use the Andis trademark. What you should look for, is the official Andis logo along with the QR code that the manufacturer provides with it. The ones without the QR code are fake!
  • The initial checking will be on the blades. The blades should be stainless and lightweight. When you are looking for those Zero-gapped ones, make sure that the blades do not have any slight gap in between them! As for the blade width, do not exceed 1.5” mark as it is the ideal measurement.
  • If you are looking for a corded one, check the cord and give it a try at the shop with a compatible power-supply. Sometimes the cords are unable to flow electricity and the plugs are numb. Inform the dealer and look for a new one with an ideal cord. And for the cordless clippers, check the battery longevity as well as its charging time. You don’t want your battery to take a whole day to charge, do you?
  • Try to look for the lighter ones as some of the Andis products weigh more than 22Oz. If you are a barber, then you must look for the ones with less weight as they provide more barber clippers for fades.
  • There are basically 3 types of motors that Andis uses; magnetic, rotary and pivot motors. They differ in RPM. Magnetic and pivot motors provide 120Hz*60 (sec) = 7200SPM and 60Hz*60(sec) = 3600SPM respectively. On the other hand, rotary motors generate less power. So, be sure to check which type you want depending upon your needs.
  • In terms of use and comfort, the handles should be ergonomic. Because the more comfortable they are, the more room you will get while trimming.
  • Although using an electric machine in the shower is not something that the specialists suggest, some manufacturers like Andis have a better plan for you. They provide you 100% water-proof clippers which you can wash and rinse under a water flow. So, ask your provider again if the clipper is waterproof or not!
  • Last but not the least is the cost. An ideal clipper with such features should not exceed the $60-65 limit. Be sure to get the maximum value within your price range. Some companies create hoax with their fake features which you will not find once you are giving it a try. The professionals suggest to have your desired clipper within this range and do not exceed it.


How long do Andis clippers last?

Amidst all the shaving clippers available, Andis clippers are famous for their longevity in the market. However, each model has its own limit depending on which type of batteries it takes to operate and its built-in machinery. In terms of both warranty and

  • The clipper’s life largely depends on the tasks that you use it for.
  • A dog groomer who is constantly busy needs to replace blades every 3-4 months.
  • Normal users are recommended to change the blades every 4-5 months of usage.
  • Fully charged, a newer Andis clipper with rechargeable lithium ion batteries can run up to 2 hours.
  • Clippers that use Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd batteries will perform well up to an hour.
  • Most Andis clippers come up with 2-3 years of warranty on average. Always check the warranty card while making a purchase.
  • The Andis T-Outliner Trimmer can last up to 5 years or more, if maintained properly.

Is Wahl or Andis better?

  • Wahl 5-Star Senior clippers are lighter in weight, allowing for a smoother fade. It’s not only easier to grip, but the overall design is super convenient if you’re going to trim your own beard or clean up any edges.
  • Andis professional beard trimmer is suited for long-term use and detailed designs with a lot of accuracy.
  • This brand of clippers beats other trimmers due to its smooth operation, which is free of the excessive noise and vibration found in Wahl trimmers.
  • Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer will helps clean up any edges for a perfectly groomed look at home.
  • However, Andis clippers require more experience to use. Hence Wahl is better for beginners.
  • While the abovementioned Andis trimmer may not be suitable for everyone, the Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Piece Haircut Kit contains everything that even the most basic user will be able to operate it with ease.

Is Oster better than Andis clippers?

  • Oster, unlike Andis, uses a rotary motor instead of an electromagnetic motor. The rotary motor prevents the clippers from pulling hair or slowing down when cutting thick or wet hair.
  • These clippers are even quieter than equivalent Andis models, according to many consumers. Because of the rotational motor, it emits a gentle hum rather than a buzzing sound.
  • Heat transfer is limited by the clippers’ plastic casing and detachable blade design.
  • Oster clippers are often heavier than Andis. An Oster clipper should weigh 1.9 pounds or somewhat less.
  • Overall, Oster offers a more uniform and faster cutting experience.
  • Oster clippers are more ideal for industry experts unless you’re quite confident in your DIY hairstyling capabilities.
  • Andis hair clippers are the best choice if you want at-home grooming or lightweight, ergonomic handling. Oster, on the other hand, is a high-quality option if durability and all-day expert use are your key considerations.

Are Andis and Oster blades interchangeable?

In one word, the answer is a YES. Although it may seem unlikely at the first place, it can surprise you considering how well they fit even after interchanging.

  • In most cases, the blades are interchangeable as both Andis and Oster clippers have numerous models with blades that complement each other.
  • However, there are times when one might find a model or two of the Andis brand which may NOT fit well on the Oster clipper.
  • Such cases are rather uncommon for Oster blades, though, as they are very much versatile when it comes to interchanging.
  • In order to avoid exceptional issues, it is advised to check with the retailer before making a purchase – both in terms of Andis and Oster clippers.
  • However, considering popular opinions, Andis clippers are much convenient to use than an Oster, which is why many tend to avoid Oster due to its heaviness.

How do you use Andis Master Clippers?

Using an Andis master Clipper can be tricky if you don’t know your way around. So here are the basic steps to help you out.

  • Remember to have patience while operating the lever since it can be stiff at the beginning. Using it continuously will loosen it up.
  • The smaller button on the front is used to determine the tension of the blades.
  • Loosening too much will create a loud sound. Just close in a bit with the pressure and it will go away.
  • Make sure that there are zero gaps between the blades. With even a little gap, the blades won’t be performing well enough.
  • Unplug the clipper first and then flip over the metal lid.
  • Do NOT mess with any of the internal parts except the two screws all the way on top of the inner body. Use screwdrivers to tighten the gaps and then reset the metal lid properly before plugging it on.

Final Thoughts

Having hair is a blessing and to keep them healthy and firm, you must take care of them. There are no other alternatives when it comes to take care of your hair but clippers. Andis, not just as a manufacturer, but also as a provider, takes your opinion into account. For the reason, they do not focus on quantity, but on ensuring maximum quality service to the customers.

This article has all the necessary information that you’ll need about clippers. We appreciate your patience as you have read thoroughly and on your way to grab the best Andis Clippers out there!

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