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Best COACH Leather Handbag

A Proper COACH Leather Handbag is a sign of class. They are not cheap but they are worth every cent. Nothing matches the feel and look of a leather handbag. People who know about fashion and looking good will see your handbag, satchel, crossbody, or even your manbag and see that you have invested time and effort into looking good.

Best COACH Leather Handbag Review:

Coach AVA Leather Shopper Handbag

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The Ava Tote is one of Proper COACH Leather Handbag most popular lines and has been for a long time. This is their signature model. It is a brilliant combination of impeccable, timeless styling; super-convenient design, high-quality materials, fantastic craftsmanship, and affordability.

Coach has a way of making things look amazing at a low price. This is probably the best example of their timeless design and epic affordability. You can pick up this proper leather handbag for under $170.

The bag itself is a big tote, you can fit a laptop or A4 documents in there with all your daily essentials. The handle is long enough to be comfortable but not too long. The zipper is made from tough metal and looks like it will last. The zipper top is 16 inches long and gives you total access to everything inside.

Inside, the interior is fabric lined. There is a zippered pocket on one side and two slip pockets on the other. You can store your valuables in the zip pocket and keep your sunglasses and pens on the other side for quick access when things are getting busy. There is a slip pocket on the exterior for maximum convenience.

The body is made from coated plastic with Coach’s distinctive and classic design. It feels good quality, and there are leather highlights and straps. No crossbody strap on this model, but it goes over your shoulder so comfortably it will not be a problem.


  • Classic, timeless design from Coach
  • Exterior pocket for ultra-convenience
  • Leather handles for comfort and style
  • Big interior space can fit laptops and documents
  • Coated canvas looks and feels amazing
  • Tough, practical, and convenient
  • High-quality construction standards
  • Incredibly affordable considering the quality


  • No crossbody strap on this model
  • Some people do not like coated fabric
  • Large size could be inconvenient

Women’s Best COACH Turnlock Edie

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Another Proper COACH Leather Handbag, the Turnlock Edie is a tasteful take on an established classic. Using polished pebble leather, which is one of the higher quality forms of leather, Coach has made a delightful creation available in 10 different color combinations.

The interior zippered pocket has an inside zippered pocket for double security. Two slip pockets inside are super useful for getting at the immediate things easily. Two compartments on either side of the middle pocket make it ultra convenient and very easy to keep things organized.

This Proper COACH Leather Handbag is 12 inches wide and 11 and three quarters inches tall, so you have lots of space for all you need on a night out or a short commute. Perfect for parties and more serious occasions, this range of handbags is a must this season.


  • Ten gorgeous colors available
  • Three compartments for total convenience
  • Zippered interior and inside pockets
  • Chained handles look fantastic
  • Great styling and looks
  • Incredible craftsmanship and material quality
  • Made from pebbled leather – super soft
  • Convenient size and shape
  • Holds its shape well when full


  • No crossbody strap or attachments
  • Three compartments could be confusing in an emergency
  • Chain handles are not for every taste

COACH Womens Crossgrain Ava Tote

COACH Crossgrain Ava Tote Im/Black One Size

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A gorgeous tote from the classic tote makers Coach, this all leather bag is perfect for the professional, the student, or anyone who needs a lot of stuff with them while also looking glamorous.

Made from crossgrain leather, it is a soft and voluptuous tote bag with the very highest manufacturing quality. All the seams are tightly sewn, the buckles and zips are well made, and the whole thing has a real feeling of class.

The whole top can unzip, giving you incredible access to everything you need. The bag itself is large enough for an iPad or a small laptop. Inside the lined interior there are several pockets you can use to stash your cell phone, cosmetics, notes and all the random stuff you need day to day.

This is not a small bag, it has a strap drop of 9 inches and a body height of 10 inches. It is a bag to be seen.


  • Large and spacious
  • 3 interior pockets: 1 zip and 2 slip
  • Made from high quality crossgrain leather
  • 7 different colors available
  • Soft and comfortable to the touch
  • Coach branding is popular and classic
  • Affordable price range is attractive
  • Zipper enclosure at the top


  • Could be too large for some
  • Leather is not very ethical
  • No crossbody strap
  • Soft construction – no rigidity

Women’s COACH Camo Rose Taylor Tote

COACH Camo Rose Taylor Tote Silver/Brown/Red One Size

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Recently featured as Choice”, this is one of our choices too. In fact, it is one of the best proper leather handbag choices on our list. Here is why.

Firstly, there are three gorgeous floral patterns to choose from: silver/brown/red, silver/khaki/black, and silver/light khaki/blush. Each of these is made from high quality leather and assembled with the highest quality craftsmanship available. Although these are made abroad, they pass very stringent quality control standards.

On the front, there is a cute and convenient zipper pocket for your quick access stuff. Inside, the lined interior has a zipper pocket for extra security and two slip pockets for things like sunglasses and pens.

The designs are unique, eye catching, and timeless. With this floral masterpiece on your shoulder, you cannot help feeling awesome.


  • Three cute floral designs available
  • Excellent manufacturing quality standards
  • Top range materials used in construction
  • Practical and stylish for any wearer
  • Dual shoulder straps are comfortable
  • Zipper enclosure for safety and convenience
  • 10-inch handle drop for elbows and shoulders


  • Floral designs are not for everyone
  • Bright and bold means eye catching
  • No crossbody strap or buckle for attaching one

COACH Signature Zip Tote

Coach Signature City Zip Tote IM/Khaki/Saddle 2

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This Proper COACH Leather Handbag is hard not to be impressed at the high quality of this bag. Lots of people have bought one and then gone back and bought another, or maybe a few. It is not surprising, Coach has been making some of the best affordable handbags and satchels for a very long time. They know what they are doing.

The small square body of this shoulder bag is made from Khaki milled leather. It has a gorgeous luster to it that will buff into a shine with no problem. Made for storing just the essentials over your shoulder, it will not fit documents or a laptop, but that is fine. It is a great little bag for any season, but the fall and winter seasons are perfect for a bit of the gorgeous red coloring we see here.

Shoulder straps and a crossbody strap make it perfect for any situation.


  • Amazing four colorings is eye-catching
  • Nice and convenient satchel-style
  • Carry over the shoulders or crossbody
  • Small and convenient size and shape
  • Perfect for fall, winter, spring and summer
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Hidden zip pocket and slip pockets
  • Zip closure for extra security


  • No handles to hold on to
  • There is no particular everyone’s color
  • Straps could be wider for more comfort

About COACH Brand History

Coach has been making leather goods since 1941. Inspired by the design of a baseball glove, Lilian and Miles Cahn, the founders, started making handbags that had the same mix of style, toughness, and practicality.

Using only the best leather and craftsmanship, their first 12 handbags were an immediate success. Soon, everyone wanted one.

By the early 60’s, the Cahn’s had hired Bonnie Cashin, who had pioneered many classic American sportswear looks. She brought a new ethos to Coach “make things as lightweight as possible, as simple as possible, as punchy as possible, as inexpensive as possible”.

Simple, exuberant, and a lot of fun, her designs and colors were an instant hit.

Since then, Coach has gone from strength to strength. Their combination of style, practicality, and affordable pricing made, and make, Coach handbags an all-time classic.

Instead of cheap knock offs, discerning customers can get a quality, stylish, and reputable product for the same price.

How do you make sure you are choosing a Best COACH leather handbag?

With hundreds of Proper COACH Leather Handbag to choose from, That leather handbag that will be a faithful companion through it all. The bag that turns heads and gets you compliments from glamorous individuals in the street.

The handbag that makes you feel special and important like you can handle anything. If you want with Best Crossbody Bags for Travel or Best Handbag For Travel then you chose these also.

The right leather handbag is important. It’s a big choice to make. This is going to be hanging on your elbow for some time. It might have taken you a long time to save up for. Or it might be a present for someone else.

Your Proper COACH Leather Handbag says a lot about you, so with our proper leather handbag guide, you will soon have the handbag that says all the right things to all the right people.

Final Thourth Before Buy

If you were looking for a Proper COACH Leather Handbag , you came to the right place! Coach offers some incredible creations at ridiculously affordable prices. You can get classic tote styles that will never go out of fashion or more bold creations for the colorful and experimental handbag wearer.

Having the right handbag can make a big difference to your confidence. You know you look good, so you feel good. With a Coach, people will stop you and comment on how nice your bag is. The best bit is when you tell them the price. The look on their face is something you will never forget.

We hope you enjoyed this fine collection of Coach handbags. We hope your search for the proper leather handbag for your goes well, and that you found something you love in our list.

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