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Teemzone Minimalist RFID Card Holder

Are you in search for a slim wallet which accommodates huge number of cards without making it bulky as well as has nice decoration for easy card take out? Then we can suggest you to try out Teemzone Minimalist RFID Card Holder.

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The wallet is exceptionally thin and tiny. Whether you wear shorts, or pants, it fits comfortably in both back and front pocket. The most interesting part is its diagonal-cut slots which are arranged for fast card removal and insert back in it. This wallet is not only cheap but also trendy.

Besides, it has wider choice of colors for you: Coffee/ Black /Texture Black Grey/ Brown/Texture Brown /Yellow Green etc. Moreover, it can hold at least 30 business cards or around 10 credit cards. Its RFID blocking technology is also super.

No need to worry for digital thieves who steal information from wallets. It has been made from vintage premium quality genuine leather with great stitching which added more appeal for this product. Its lining is superb. You would not control yourself without buying it, we guarantee!

How easy can I take out my card from the holder?

It has ‘cross-over design’ facility. Whenever you want to take out one card, you can pull it easily as the pocket is cut in crossed shape. It comes to your hand easy. Also you can insert it back quite comfortably.

How much durable the wallet is?

It is very good for rough use. It is quite durable.  But we cannot guarantee you that the card holder will last for years after years.


  • Diagonal cut slots facilitates taking out cards faster.
  • It is cheap but pretty stylish.
  • Very slim but contains more cards.
  • Even women can bear it.
  • Slots are smooth and do not get stuck up.
  • Color and metal are durable.


  • It is Very tightly packed when all slots are filled up.
  • No guarantee of lasting for years.

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