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Best Leather Satchel Bags For Women

A best leather satchel bag is a must-have accessory, whatever the season. Every woman (and some of the more fabulous men) knows the importance of a handbag – they have all you need for a successful commute, coffee date, or night out. The best leather satchel bags combine practicality with total style and elegance.

If you’re looking for a new look this season, fancy a change, or are making the exciting step of getting your first proper leather handbag, our comparison of the best satchel bags is all you’ll need!

The style is totally personal. Do you have a good sense of your own style? You’re sure to find something you like here. Are you exploring your taste and trying to branch out? There are lots of options to choose from on our list that will suit any discerning bag buyer this season. Read on and enjoy.

Best Leather Satchel Bags Review:

COACH Womens Leather Grain Satchel

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A delightful leather satchel from COACH, this incredible accessory for this season is available in different colors to go with any of your outfits. Made from the highest quality grain leather, which is the outside of the skin being treated, you know that it is the best. Grain leather is only from the highest quality animals.

Two rolled carrying handles make it a comfortable carry. There is a removable and adjustable crossbody strap if you need to mix things up. A convenient slip pocket at the front can fit your quick-access items. The satchel has a flat bottom with 4 feet to keep your favorite handbag in the best condition.

The styling is simple and elegant, with the COACH logo elegantly placed in the center of the front panel. Inside are two slip pockets and a zip pocket. It is nearly 15 inches long and 9 and a half inches tall.

Tignanello Smooth Operator Satchel Bags

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Another Best Leather Satchel Bags from Tignanello, this deliciously affordable yet classy satchel can fit all your work documents in for your commute. It is a serious bag for the smooth operator. Classy leather styling and metal buckles give the Smooth Operator a serious but stylish look.

This is a work bag but one you can take anywhere and get nods of approval. Perfect for looking good in the office or making a great impression at a job interview. How you use it is your choice but however you do, you’ll look good.

The body consists of leather and the interior of synthetic fibers. It is tastefully constructed, with an interior zipped pocket for your valuables. On the outside, there are two zipped pockets for quick access. The shoulder drop on the detachable shoulder strap is just under 24 inches. The body of the bag itself is nearly 10 inches and 13 and a half inches wide.

Coach Women’s Prairie Satchel Bag

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COACH’s Prairie range has different varieties to choose from. They are all fabulous. With the highest quality pebbled leather, this is a tough, lightweight, and eye-catching leather satchel bag.

Subtle curves and elegant lines make COACH’s Prairie selection a choice for any discerning handbag shopper this season. They include an elegant crossbody strap (48 inches, adjustable) because we all know how we need to have both hands free sometimes.

The top closes with a zip. Inside you’ll find stylish fabric lining and a single slip pocket for your change, bits of makeup, phone, or whatever else you need to get quickly.

Two rolled leather handles make this satchel bag a dream to carry. They have a 5-inch drop. Its overall styling means you’ll look great when you are carrying it. Practical, stylish, not “in your face” but to anyone who knows, it’s an amazing choice.

Coach Pebble Leather Lenox Satchel Handbag

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Crafted in the USA from the highest quality leather, the Lenox series from COACH is irresistible to anyone who needs a cool, distinctive, but ultimately useful satchel bag. You can pack quite a lot into one of these. At 16 1/4 inches long, 9 3/4 inches tall, and 4 3/4 inches wide, there is space for paperwork, a tablet, snacks and toys for the kids (or you, if you want), and lots more.

This is an amazing looking and feeling satchel bag. Made from pebbled leather, which can only be from the highest quality cows, it has an irresistible feel that you know is just going to get softer and nicer with use.

Colors include black, blush, chalk, dusk, magenta, midnight, and true red. You have lots of choices for the perfect shoulder bag this season from COACH. Take a look at our selection, you’ll love what you find.

Coach Signature City Zip Bag Handbag

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This tote handbag is a perfect choice from Best Leather Satchel classic Bags for the city living socialites who need to look good but still have a practical tote. Crisp lines along the top and the bottom give it that timeless look, and the long-handled (9 and a half inch drop) gives it a lot of versatility.

The canvas coating makes it a real practical item too. With top-quality stitching and materials, you can’t lose. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to keep your daily accessorizing going smoothly. There is an inside zip pocket, a pouch for your cell phone, and multifunctional pockets where you can fit all the accessories you need. All at the same time looks fantastic.

Coach offers a dozen varieties of this canvas coated tote bag, it has been a favorite of theirs for years. For any outfit or occasion, Coach has the perfect choice from their Signature City range.

Coach City Crossgrain Leather Tote

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Crossgrain is a special type of leather. Not as smooth as pebbled and not as wide-grained as grain leather, cross-grain leather is a beautiful, sensual material perfect for totes and handbags. It only comes from the highest quality cows – there can be no imperfections or sanding to make it.

A lot of work goes into these bags. The bottom of this bag is canvas, for practicality. Inside you’ll find a zip pocket, cell phone holder, and lots of other pockets for storing all the random stuffs you need with you every day. It has crisp, clean styling and a variety of colors to choose from.

Rolled leather handles make it super-comfortable to carry, and the 9 and a half inch drop mean you can carry it over your shoulder or swing it around as you dance joyfully down the street. It’s such a nice handbag, you’ll find it hard to resist.

Tignanello Vintage Leather Bag

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Another Best Leather Satchel classic Bag from Tignanello, the Accordion is a classic design that you have seen glamorous women wearing. The body is entirely made from exquisite vintage leather; the interiors and stitching are made are from quality polyurethane. It means you get the highest quality leather with the hardest wearing interiors.

The whole body of the Accordion unzips from the darker bottom leather layer upwards, giving you excellent access for when you need to rummage for your keys. It is 12 inches wide, so you can get your A4 work documents in there if you need to. Inside is a zipper enclosure to keep valuables, and some interior pockets for anything small you need to keep safe.

The leather handles are rolled perfectly so you can carry this handbag on your shoulder or in your hand with ease. There is a detachable shoulder strap in the same high-quality leather and construction you will find on the rest of this handbag is great.

Tignanello Heritage Protection Cross Body Bag

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If you want to find a classic from Tignanello? the Heritage series is an understated fashion statement that just shines purpose, utility, and impeccable style. At ten and a half inches wide, seven inches tall, and a 23-inch shoulder drop, you have enough space for all your daily essentials.

The polyester lining is tasteful and hard wearing. The interior is well designed, with a zipper to close the top, a smaller zipped compartment inside, and some pockets for credit cards. On the front there are two slip pockets. The pocket is RFID proof, so you won’t get people stealing your money without your knowing.

The body is made mostly from high-quality pebble leather, which is a mark of quality. The hardware is silvertone and is hard-wearing. It all combines to make an incredibly useful, comforting, and safe handbag that looks fantastic. However you choose to wear it and use it, it will always work for you.

Tignanello Urban Casual Shoulder Bags

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The Urban Casual Shopper is perfectly named. It is big enough to get some shopping in there and small enough to remain comfortable for a long perusal of the shopping mall.

The subtle black styling is applied by the leather tassel that gives some movement and energy to the look. With a 13 and a quarter inch shoulder drop, this handbag sits somewhere between a very casual look and a more serious style. It will fit in any situation. Swing it low off an elbow, or hike it up high for the shoulder look.

Practically, this bag is very useful. It has a zipper on top so your stuff doesn’t fall out between buttons or fasteners. Inside is a tastefully lined space with a zipper pocket for extra security and sealing things away. It is a very comfortable bag to wear and is built to last. The stitching is high quality, as are all the materials used to make it.

FAQs Best Leather Satchel Bags:

Why Choose Our Best Leather Satchel Bags?

Leather had a bad reputation for a long time – which reputation is changing rapidly. Better ethical standards, more environmental responsibility, and an “always-increasing” level of quality make this selection of leather bags incredibly attractive.

Nothing feels better like leather. Nothing wears like leather. A cheap plastic knock-off will look OK for a week or two (of course, those of us in the know can tell) but the best leather satchel bags will look fabulous all through the season. They only get softer and nicer to touch. A leather bag looks better and better. They are comfortable, practical, and dripping with style. Accept no substitutes; the leather satchel bag is the only choice of this season.

Compared to the competition, the leather satchel bag holds its own. Classic styling, impeccable manufacture, and a timeless look that could hold its own at a party with Marilyn Monroe or the Kardashians.

It’s not all just the looks – Best Leather Satchel Handbags have been a staple of women’s fashion for decades because they are incredibly practical things. You can get a lot of makeup, paperwork, dinky tissue packets, purses, mobile phones, chargers, and all the rest you need every day in one and still look completely fabulous.

What Kind of Person Uses Best Leather Satchel Bag?

The answer to that question is almost certainly you. Best Leather Satchel classic Bags for women is a key fashion statement, a practical and useful thing to have, and a definite statement of your good taste. Leather satchel bags have been around for decades, you can see pictures of all the greats of fashion and public life with them. From the Queen of England to Audrey Hepburn, everyone has a leather satchel bag.

Best Leather Satchel Bags are a brilliant combination of practicality and visible style. These bags you wear says a lot about you. This is one of the first things people tend to see. Because you are going to be rummaging in there for some lippy or your cell phone, people will see you using it. Make sure it’s a good one then!

There is a lot of variety in leather satchel bags. You can have little ones that will do for lightweight meetings with friends at the coffee shop or a quick trip out of the house. Or larger ones that can fit everything you need for a long time away from home. Lots of people use leather satchel bags, there is no “type”; just people who like to look good.

Who should you get Best Leather Satchel Bag?

This is a free country, so anyone who can afford one and who wants one, surely? Not quite. A leather satchel bag is a big statement: you have to be comfortable with yours to look good with it. Your satchel bag will turn heads and people will know you’re someone who has style.

Best Leather Satchel Bags is a big statement, but that’s OK. If you’re worried about which bag to get, or how you’ll look with it, relax. The key to making your leather satchel bag look great is to look comfortable and confident with it. Worried about looking comfortable and confident?

Do you want your bag? Does the thought of it make you happy? Have you asked a stylish friend for their opinion? Yes, yes, and yes? Then take that wonderful warm feeling you get from thinking about the bag and put it on your face. Looking good is all about feeling good. Someone with the nicest bag in the world can totally spoil it by looking miserable.

Basically, anyone should get a leather satchel bag if they want it and they think it’ll make them feel good. That’s you. It’s a big statement but one you can handle, no problem.

Final Thought Before Buy

We hope you have enjoyed this collection of leather satchel bags. There are loads of different choices, you are certain to find something you like in our lists.

From $30 to $500, you can get a lot of different bags in all different styles in our list. Crossbody straps, shoulder straps, just handle, removable straps, whatever you need, it’s here. How many pockets does your ideal handbag have? Do you like zippers or always get your hair stuck in them? Choose the safe option and go for buttons instead. There are so many options, you will be struggling to choose the nicest one for you.

Need a little guidance? Check out the top of the page for a quick guide. Make sure you weigh up the pros and cons with our convenient guide.
If you were looking for something as a present, any style can be found here to suit the lucky recipient of your generosity. Looking for something for yourself? You will have spotted what you like, so how about following the link and checking it out?

Remember to come back regularly for more collections and lists, we will do our best to give you only the best of what’s available.

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