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Best Barber Clippers for Fades

Whether it is for family haircut or self-grooming, clippers are a must for their efficiency. However, each clipper has its own specialty. Based on different cuts and performance, a number of clippers have occupied the market. Here are the best Barber Clippers for Fades purposes and so on.

Picking the best suited tool is necessary to a barber’s craft. While various options flood the market, professional barbers often rely on the Andis Master Clipper. Its power, durability and precision would make it the best choice.


Check the Andis Master Clipper. It ensures consistent performance that allows barbers to create clean and sharp cuts effortlessly. Besides its impeccable performance in a barbershop, Andis Master Clipper is also among the best black hair clippers for home use.


Versatility and User-friendliness are two important options for those who prefer getting their hair cut at home. Due to its adjustable blades, it would suit several cutting techniques as well as hair types. This versatile choice would be suited for both individuals and professionals looking for a dependable clipper.


The next mentionable feature about the Andis Master Clipper would be its robust construction. This ensures about the fact that it would fulfill all the demands of any busy barbershop. While some may argue that the price is on the higher side, the clipper’s long-term reliability justifies the investment.


To sum up, if you are seeking for the best clipper for a barber, the Andis Master Clipper will be much more reliable. In fact, it would steadily stand out as a high ranked performer in terms of durability and precision.

Best Barber Clippers for Fades Review


Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip

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With zero-overlap high precision 2161 blades, this is another professional level trimmer. The tape lever provides ultimate comfort while cutting both hair and beard. This particular item comes with a package of different sized clips and a special cutting guide. The manufacturer also provides oil, brush for cleaning and a blade guard.

A professional level neck duster is also provided for your ultimate convenience and this makes the product a great value for you. The product is 6.25” in length and is only 10oz. The battery has overall 90+ minutes of service time and the whole package is available.

Roziapro Hair Clippers for Men

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With a 10W and 6500rpm powerful motor, Roziapro has made this trimmer for the professional barbers. It has adjustable hair clippers which give 4 cutting lengths depending upon the necessity of the user. With a gripping surface, this clipper provides ultimate comfort. This allows you to cut the hair without facing any issues.

The T-blade gives you smooth cutting and the 2500mAh battery gives you 240 minutes of runtime. The manufacturer has a soft corner for you. A 12 month warranty is also provided with absolute free repairing service as a part of after-sales protocol; just for your convenience!

Wahl 5 Star Series Senior Clipper


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This particular trimmer delivers the ‘expert demand’ service pretty well. With the overlapping razor capabilities and adjustable blades, this item is the perfect fit for your fading and cutting expectations. The package provides 3 attachment cutting guides, oil, brush and a blade guard with instruction book.

The product weighs only 1 pound and 3 ounces, making it super comfortable and easy to operate. The powerful V-9000 motor and the comfortable grip combination has made this product a great value for you. All these premium quality facilities come in your hands.

BaBylissPROBarberologyMetalFX Series

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With the presence of pure mechanical and electrical excellence merged with luxury, BabylissPro has made this trimmer for ultimate use. The high-carbon stainless steel blades serve you the best fading and trimming experience. For the blade material, the manufacturer has used DLC Titanium which is ideal for effortless cutting.

The Ferrari designed ultra-torque motor makes cutting even smoother for you. The product comes with 8 attachment combs and taper control which allows you to maneuver freely and safely around tough areas.

SURKER Mens Hair Clipper

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Surker has made this premium quality clipper especially for fading. The high-carbon stainless steel blade along with the customizable tape lever function has made this product just as you like it. This tape lever allows you to have maximum control on the machine while cutting in sensitive areas.

This detailed clipper which has 8 extra combs gives you the perfect cutting height. This battery will serve you up to 300 minutes with a LED display showing the battery’s health. It takes 3 hours to charge.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

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This 5-Star clipper is ideal for both fading and trimming. Wahl has used a powerful V-5000+ electromagnetic motor which cuts in 2x speed. Unlike pivot motors, the electromagnetic motors spin smoothly yet faster. This allows the user to have those close cuttings more precise and fading much more accurately.

The package comes with 2 extra attachment combs; brush for comb cleaning, clipper oil, a guard for the blades and an instruction book. The trimmer is 6.25” in length and weighs only 1lb. This makes the trimmer ultra comfortable and easily operable. You can get all these in just under $100.

Professional Hair Clippers and Trimmer Kit for Men

This professional level trimmer produced by NOVAH is a beast. With 6 extra blade guards and the razor sharp blade along with the maximum comfort has made this product a great value for the user. The turbo 2 speed option gives you power and precision at the same time.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides ultimate endurance. The quick-charging technology allows the barber to utilize the clipper all the way through his working day. While being cordless, a LED display shows you the battery level. This product has the ability to create synergy with you to serve you to the fullest.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Clipper

This 5 star clipper is perfectly built for professional purposes only and is the premium corded trimmer. This has absolute zero-overlapping blades for quick and easy trimming which makes it the perfect barber kit. The V-9000 cool-running motor delivers 50% extra power. It has a thumb lever which is convenient and easily operable.

This product comes with 8 attachment combs, brush, oil and a blade guard. The product is about 6.5” in length and weighs only .45 Kilograms. The powerful motor operates at 60Hz/120 volts. The product is a great value.

Ufree PeltClippers for Men

With a full metal body this item is a perfect fit for professional trimming. The trimmer has a premium T-shaped blade which is ideal for fading, trimming hair and beard. It has a powerful motor providing smooth trimming experience and also has a LCD display showing the battery health while being cordless.

It is to be mentioned that the ultra sharp t-blade allows you to avoid cutting wounds. With a built-in rechargeable 2000mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, this trimmer will serve you up to 120 minutes. With that being said, this clipper by Ufree is a ‘must have’ for you.

Novah Professional Hair Clippers

Tested by the professionals, NOVAH has made these clippers for ultimate comfort and precision in cutting. The structure of the product is unibody and all metal. The package has 6 blade guards, a gauge which is variable and razor sharp blades.

The manufacturer has provided a crossed etch handle to avoid any sort of grip-slip. While being cordless, there is a HD LED display to show battery health. The lithium ion battery provides you 4+ hours of average runtime. This shows that the product is a combination of power and premium endurance.

Facts and Questions


Is a clipper easy to clean after cutting?

All these clippers are adjustable and easy to use and clean. The provided oil, brush and dry wipes are very handy in terms of cleaning the whole machine including blades, combs and guards.

What are those black lines stuck in the comb?

For fading purposes, the manufacturers test every single comb of their production line with black threads representing hair. Pull them off the combs if you see any of them stuck. No big deal!  

Is the machine too noisy?

Even though these clippers have powerful motors, they do not create loud noises at all. All you’ll be hearing is a simple beep sound which is totally tolerable.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, the clippers are waterproof. However, the machine is not waterproof at all. You must use dry wipes to clean it.

The machine isn’t working long enough.

In terms of endurance, keep an eye on the battery health, its overall runtime and how long it takes to charge fully. If you see that the machine is not working well enough, you should charge the battery fully and give it time. But do not overcharge!      

Does the machine overheat?

These clippers have the ultra thermal lock system built in which allows the machine to not produce heat at all!

Is a 220 volt outlet okay for the clippers?

Most of these clippers are made following the international rules of 110-120 volts, which is worldwide advised. But these machines are also compatible with 220 volt outlets.

Is there any instruction booklet given in the package?

Yes, there is a small instruction booklet on cutting your own hair in every type of clipper.

Does the LED display blink?

No, but the display is so vivid that you won’t need any extra notifications.

Can I use these clippers for any trimming purpose?

All these trimmers are for beard, hair and skin hair. You can trim, fade and even shave according to your needs.

Is it safe to use while they are charging?

There will be no external harm if you use them while charging. But keep that in mind the battery efficiency will decrease day by day. So, it’s better to not use them like this.

Best Barber Clippers for Fades Buying Guide


Here are some of the dos and don’ts that you should consider before buying a clipper that’s best for you.


The overall thickness of the blades is a crucial factor in terms of getting a smooth cut. Be aware of the thickness of the blades and the materials used in it. High-carbon stainless steel is highly prescribed. Wahl can be your choice as they use it and make the sharpest blades.

Taper Lever

For fading, the height of the tape lever is important. You should check the lever if it’s working properly without any hassle or not. Do not buy clippers with loosened levers, it won’t allow you to get a tight cut.

Guide Combs

The general limit of guided comb’s length is 3mm – 25mm. This is ideal for you to quickly yet safely maneuver around the ears and give you a nice and clean cut.

Corded or Cordless?

A corded clipper will give you endless power to use while the cordless one will provide you portability, but in a limited time. You can buy a clipper which has both of the features. Wahl and NOVAH produce clippers with corded and cordless facilities.

Final Thought Before Buy


Balding clippers can be used for various purposes. The aforementioned products are the best barber clippers for fading, shaving and trimming. With all the necessary information along with a perfect buying guide combined with the answers to your questions, this brief yet informative article gives you exactly what you need.


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