Best Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

When looking at the best heating pad for neck and shoulders, there were a number of factors we took into consideration before coming up with a great choice. While there are many infrared heating devices on the market, not all of them are aimed specifically at neck and shoulder pain.

Ming up with a great choice. While there are many infrared heating devices on the market, not all of them are aimed specifically at neck and shoulder pain.

The infrared heating pad contains jade stones to promote blood circulation and healing. Stimulating blood flow in this area can also improve brain function and focus. The heat helps the neck and shoulder muscles relax while simultaneously reducing pain and inflammation in the muscle tissue.

Thus the heating pad is contoured to fit the shoulders and neck area comfortably and can be fixed with the Velcro strap to keep it in place during your thermotherapy.

This type of heating pad also has a smart digital controller to set your choice of heat settings. Your preferences can be stored via the memory function for future uses as well.

Most of them have auto shut-off facility to prevent the heating pad being accidentally left on for extended periods of time. The heating pad generally comes with a long power cord which allows you to move easier while using the device.

These pads are really flexible and light enough to take with you when you travel. Here are some top quality heating pads for your neck and shoulders pain relief. Use our Best Ice Packs for Injury.

Top 10 Best Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders:

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Best Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders Review:

1. Sunbeam Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

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Bye bye, neck pain! Enjoy the warmth of their love and care. Sunbeam is here with their Sunbeam neck and shoulder heating pad.  This area-specific heating pad for your shoulder is best source of eradicating aches and delivering comfort and relaxation. Hence, you can say this is the best heating pad for neck and shoulder, without a doubt.

Just wrap up your shoulder with its amazing looking heating pad and feel the heat. As a matter of fact this heating pad is exceptionally designed and shaped which is quite uncommon but trendy and comfy. Moreover, you can feel the luxury of spa-style dry or moist heating therapy due to the presence of super soft micro plush.

In addition, the most interesting part is its magnetic clasps that holds your shoulders firm and let you to move freely keeping your hands free. Even more, this fancy style heating pad is available in four attractive colors: spa green, brown, blue and burgundy. Also they are customized into two models: XL and standard. Among them spa green (14”x 22”) is most appealing for its splendid outlook.

What’s more, four ready-made heat setting is enough for your diverse rangkneee of demands. And also enjoy the peace of mind for its blessed auto shut off timer of 120 minutes. Try it and feel the difference.

Sunbeam Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad Benefits

  • Magnetic clasps for firm attachment
  • Ultra soft micro plush for soothing
  • Washable at washing machine
  • Digital LED for better control
  • 4 heat setting
  • 120 minutes auto turn off
  • 9 feet power cable
  • 2 years warranty
Does this pad transform uniform heat to all areas or does it only concentrate on specific points?

Well, this pad transforms uniform heat to all areas wrapped at the shoulder or neck or wherever you place it for the thermal therapy. Consequently, it generates deep penetration increasing blood circulation and thus spread equal heat to the areas and heals as well.

How can I operate its setting?

There is a digital LED control panel with 4 type of heat setting. So, you need to press the button to see what level you are at present and select one of the 4 heat setting option. In particular, there are up and down arrow to reach your targeted setting. Then press the button and heating will turn on.

2. TheraPAQ Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Heating Pad

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Are you in two minds selecting the best shoulder heating pad for your alleviating your pain? Do you want to find unbiased opinion instead of attractive extravagant advertisements? Considering this issue, TheraPAQ neck and shoulder pain relief heating pad brings you the best solution for you.

This awesome heating pad not only provides you hot & cold therapy to your aching muscles and stiff joints pains but also brings you luxury your body could enjoy. In fact, this is certainly the best heating pad for neck and shoulder if you closely compare with other products in the market.

In the first place, TheraPAQ neck and shoulder pain relief heating pad removes your stress and fatigue, makes more blood circulation at your body and takes you away from the world of discomfort, sufferings and anxiety.

What a wonderful way of alleviating pain and delightful relaxation! Accordingly, it works well against arthritis, strained nerves, and tensed muscles.

Besides, with the dimension of 12” by 17”, this heating pad hugs your neck with delicate touch, warms it up with affection. Furthermore, TheraPAQ Neck and Shoulder wrap uses micro-beads made from natural clay which are non-scented and prompt grabber of heat or cold temperature.

So you can enjoy the dual advantage of this superb heating pad. At first, keep the wrap at microwave on a dry slide and initially heat for 90 seconds. Then increase by 30 seconds to get the desired temperature. Next, bring out from microwave, cool down up to room’s temperature, and then wrap your shoulder with it.

However, never overheat it. In case of cooling you can place the wrap in big zippered bag and keep it to refrigerator for about 120 minutes. Then use it at ease.  In fact the hot and cold therapy wrap by TheraPAQ is all you need to berejuvenated.

TheraPAQ Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Heating Pad Benefits

  • Dual advantage of using both hot and cold therapy
  • Odorless micro-beads beneficial for allergic patients
  • Deeper penetration of hot or cold temperature
  • Conducive to several diseases regarding fatigue , pain or stress
  • Offers money back guaranty
  • Fleece cover is removable
  • Perfect as gift item
Can I wash the outside material by removing the insides?

At ease. Actually, TheraPAQ neck and shoulder pain relief heating pad uses detachable cover. Therefore, you can remove it and get it washed through washing machine if you like.

Can I use my oven for heating in lieu of microwave?

Oh! Please never do that. This pad is specially designed to get the heating through microwave. Otherwise the fabric will get damaged due to overheat.

3. SNAILAX Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

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SNAILAX heating pad for neck and shoulders is the state-of-the-art innovation which has used the most efficient and effective methodology for the intense thermal care and alleviation of pain from the muscles, shoulders through accelerated healing.

Therefore, thanks to SNAILAX to discover such a magnificent heating pad which works remarkably well for various discomforts arisen from throbbing muscle, injuries, arthritis, even menstrual spasms.

Speaking about the most interesting part of this best heating pad for neck and shoulder is its multilevel vibration system that is really hitting two birds in one stone!   

Not only through heating but also through vibration you get more soothing of your healing. Firstly, heat stimulates blood circulation at vessels and vibration helps to deliver the heat deeper into the stressed muscle. As a matter of fact, the combination of these two intensifies faster healing and better curing.

Then, the pad gets hot in only two minutes. Moreover, there are two adjustable heat-setting with auto shut off timer of 30 minutes by default. Besides, the vibration message uses two invigorating motors indicates the soothing level you are currently enjoying. Precisely, 5 modes of vibration level are available to fulfill your personalized demand.

Lastly, SNAILAX heating pad for neck and shoulders has the magnetic clasp that allows you to move freely and perform regular tasks without any interruption. Especially, its silky velvet clothes, its ultra-plush polyester in a word- awesome. It would also be a best suited gift for your near and dear ones for sure

SNAILAX Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders benefits

  • Two in one package: Heating and Vibrating
  • Overheat protected thermostat configuration
  • 5 pre-programmed modes of vibration
  • 2 adaptable heating programs
  • Magnetic closure for hands free movements
  • Accelerate blood flow and vessels
  • Smooth velvet is really a luxury
  • UL approved 12V adapter
  • 2 years warranty
  • 30 days refund guaranty
Do I need to keep it plugged in all time or it has rechargeable storage battery?

I’m afraid; it doesn’t have any rechargeable battery to store electricity. So you must plug in to the socket, enjoy the therapy and then unplug it.

Can it heal the back pain or just the shoulders aching?

It’s specially designed to heal your shoulder and neck and upper back. Therefore, you can’t use it to the lower back.

4. Pure Enrichment Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder

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Nothing could be compared with the Pure Enrichment heating pad for neck and shoulder; it’s fine and soft, cozy and handy, gorgeous in color, smart at design, wider at breadth and faster at healing.

Even great news to those who have been suffering from frequent shoulder and neck pain- your period of discomfort is over. As a result, this best heating pad for neck and shoulder is the perfect remedy for your tension and suffering.

With its cutting edge technology, Pure Enrichment heating pad for neck and shoulder is offering you faster heat, faster heal. Besides, the pad is just 14” by 22” which may seem small to some people but when you shut off your magnetic clip and turn on the switch, it generates heat really fast and you will feel the heat in a second penetrating deeper into your achy muscle.

Moreover, the clip fastened at your neck will hold it firmly, help distribute heat evenly. Definitely, you can select any one of the 4 pre-programmed heating options and get the luxury of moist heating therapy.

As it has used super-soft micro-mink fiber you will feel coziness of its light-weight. To be specific, use it daily for 20 minutes and your pain will be long gone.  Only two colors are available: Turquoise blue and charcoal gray; but you would definitely love having it.

Pure Enrichment Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder Benefits

  • Soft micro-mink fiber to feel wonder
  • Faster heating with 4 heat setting
  • Magnetic clips for free moving and greater heating
  • Free Extra-long cord about 9 feet
  • Can do machine wash
  • 5 years warranty
  • Fancy storage bag free with the package
Does the heating reach at the sides which areas are not wrapped with the pad?

Well, the heating covers the back, and unable to cover the sides. Still sides get little heat by proximity.  You can still feel the warmth of it.

Can I move and do my activities while taking this therapy?

Obviously! The magnetic clip fastens your shoulder and there is not any chance of displacing it. Also thanks to the long size power cable, you can make free movements and perform your tasks effortlessly.

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