Best FAR Infrared Heating Pad Buying Guide


If you are a chronic pain sufferer especially in the neck, shoulders and back area and have not found relief from the usual medications, a heat pad might offer a solution.

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Heat Therapy (Thermotherapy) is not new, but has been having a lot more traction when it comes to an alternative pain relief method without nasty side-effects. When looking for the best FAR Infrared heating pad, there are a number of considerations.

To begin with, people often try thermotherapy for the treatment of pain, to help make joints and tissue more flexible, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and muscle spasms.

Regular use of heat therapy using the best FAR infrared heating pad you can get your hands on will promote healing in the affected area through improved nutrient uptake and oxygen supply in the area.

Infrared heat pads are not the same as standard heat pads. Standard heat pads warm the skin surface and the benefits fade once the heat pad is turned off. Infrared heat pads use infrared rays which penetrate deeper to promote healing from within. They neither damage the exterior of the skin nor increase cancer risks.

They work with natural stones such as Jade or Tourmaline to deliver heat deep into the muscles and other underlying tissue, cartilage and bone. If you are looking for the best FAR Infrared heating pad in the market, there are a number available that could work for you, depending on your needs.

When looking for the best FAR infrared heating pads or Hottest Heating Pad, you need to decide on your preference based on settings, size and so forth.

Top 10 Best FAR Infrared heating pad:

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Best FAR Infrared heating pad Review:

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

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If you have been suffering from intense back pain, frequent tension at the muscles, it’s sure that you are familiar with the infrared heating pad that is the immediate solution to your problem. But it’s often a matter of great dilemma about finding the best far infrared heating pad among a diverse range of brands found in the market.

Therefore, UTK has come up with its UTK far infrared heating pad to make you relief from such tensions.

To start with, UTK far infrared heating pad works perfectly on almost every parts of your whole body. With rich sophistication UTK heating pads are attached with Velcro body strip.

As a result it wouldn’t come out from your body, hold your body firm with much comfort during the period of treatment.

However, the general advice is to use it for about 30 minutes per day or as per your doctor’s instruction. Subsequently, it will astoundingly diminish your aching at the muscles, at your back, arms or legs and make you ready to go out for work again.

Moreover, FDA has certified this product as a dietary supplement which has no other objective of treating, diagnosing or curing of a disease.

The heating pad is made with natural jade stone inside as material. Due to this, it’s much effective, deeper penetrating and can afford much high temperature. Additionally, temperature also lasts for much longer than that of the other electronic heating pads. It’s true that the heating pad is effective on different types of pain-relief; but especially, it’s great for arthritis patients.

Furthermore, for treating the sore muscles of shoulder, arms, legs, abdomen and back, performance of this heating pad is outstanding. Also, the device is capable of managing its radiation at a minimum level which made this heating pad truly unique.

To sum up, this heating pad comes up with impressive output and is a highly recommendable product especially for the sufferers.

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad Benefits

  • Ensures rapid pain relief
  • Due to its soft and flexible design you can use both on top of your body and underneath it
  • Doesn’t expose electromagnetic radiation at your skin
  • It’s helpful for muscle relaxation, blood flow and immune system
  • Beneficial to mitigate stress and suppress depression
  • Handy and compact and lightweight to carry
  • 24×7 customer support

Which situation to use it? Is there any special requirement for it?

No. there is not any special requirements. In fact, you can use it anywhere anytime at any situation. Hence, no extra time will be expensed. Whenever you are at your office working on your laptop, or whenever you are relaxing on the sofa watching TV you can enjoy using it.

How UTK infrared heating pad works for pain relief?

The jade stones become hot and release far-infrared heat aimed to penetrate deeply to alleviate aches and pains, reduce tension, develop flexibility and blood circulation.

Are UTK Far Infrared Heating Pads safe to use?

Of course! UTK Far infrared heating pads are safe and it’s easy to handle. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t expose electromagnetic radiation at your skin. Besides, the effect of this heating pad lasts longer than conventional heating pads.

MediCrystal Far Infrared Heating Mat

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Are you looking for the permanent solution of your shoulder pain? Can’t concentrate at your daily activities for your back pain? MediCrystal is here for you. In fact, MediCrystal far infrared heating mat is the best far infrared heating pad among thousands of alternatives.

Far infrared heating mat is manufactured under the close supervision of Medicrystal, a U.S. company maintaining best quality control mechanism.

In brief, it’s the top quality TUV CE certified factory for more than 10 years. Particularly the MediCrystal far infrared heating mat is an 18-layers system. It uses 100% natural purple amethyst crystals.

When stones become hot they generally discharge negative ions as well as far infrared deep impact heat. Consequently, it exposes crystals’ powers and passes significant natural forces of fresh air, ocean beaches and sun warmth into your home! Amazing, isn’t it? Let it be a part and parcel of your day-to-day life.

This Far Infrared Heating Mat is handy and conducive for pains at your back, shoulder, legs, hands etc. The mat defends against detrimental electromagnetic fields.

As a matter of fact, it conducts ions directly into your body to alkalize and reinstate the regular electrical field of cells organs. Besides, it supports to generate soothing setting to alleviate stress and fatigue, and thus makes you feel relaxed and revitalized.

Moreover, if you use the mat at higher temperatures for long duration this can converse hypothermia & reestablish the optimum temperature of your body and power.

Eventually it helps to detoxify your body, build up sound immune system, and maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels which are generally at normal stage.

MediCrystal Far Infrared Heating Mat Benefits

  • Best quality product with affordable price
  • Progressive Zero EMF heating system and distinctive visually alluring design
  • Sophisticatedly engineered to reach sufficient heat to the vertebral column
  • Offers two years warranty, as well as after warranty service
  • FREE multilayer waterproof cover to protect the mat from sweat and dust
  • The package includes a storage bag and a free cushioning & supportive 3D air mesh pad for smooth sleeping
  • Medicrystal assures your 100% satisfaction. If not, the company will refund the money
  • Applicable for all people irrespective of their ages
Can I use my head phone while using the mat?

Without hesitation! You can listen FM, music, even enjoy chatting through your cellular phone while you are using the mat. Nevertheless, make sure that your cell phone is not on your mat.

Is there any chance of damage if the mat folded?

Well, Mini size mat can be folded in two. However, improper folding may damage the mat. So, be extra cautious; never turn on the mat while it’s folded. Otherwise, it may crash the system.

Amethyst Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

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If you are a crystal lover, if you are habituated to enjoy the magnetic therapy, you would feel the difference whenever you will try Amethyst far infrared amethyst mat.No doubt it would be phenomenal; the best purchase ever for you. You will feel like melting into an amethyst sun. This is the best far infrared heating pad if you are honest with your feeling.

To begin with, Amethyst far infrared amethyst mat is an 16 to 18 layered thick heating mat. Very well crushed as well as smoothly polished gems are attached without using glue; rather they are attached by mesh fabric of durable heat resistance.

You will be surprised to know that the heating mat provides you heating zones along with gemstone of about 71 inches by 31 inches. Also you will find zero unsafe emissions or even no bad smell from it.

Another reason you will love it because, the entire mat is constructed with industry grade parts so that you can keep using it for long period of time. Moreover, the heating mat blocks the radiation created from electromagnetic field.

The mat serves titanium warming system which is free from EMF. To conclude, you will find this heating mat great for relaxation, tendons, bone, skin and nervous comfort, and for maintenance of the finest body strength.

Amethyst Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Benefits

  • Comes up with amazing multi-layer waterproof case, which protect it from sweat and spills
  • Provides relaxing and soothing warmth
  • Creates such an energized environment so that you can feel inspired and cleansed
  • Outstanding for massage, yoga, osteopathy, naturopathy, acupressure, and many other vitalizing activities
  • The weight and power consumption of the mat is perfect
  • Very well constructed with heavyweight industrial grade materials and parts
  • Provides 2 year warranty with life time trade policy.
  • Generates ions using the anion fabric layer and the crystal and conducts them to the body.
  • Extremely durable

How much electricity does it consume?

Unlike most of the heating mat in the market, Amethyst far infrared amethyst mat consumes minimum amount of electricity. Only 110-120V / 60Hz North American Electricity is enough to work for it. To be more specific, only 250W is its power consumption.

What is new about this heating mat?

There are some unique functions which are completely new in the present market. This mat’s controller has a new digital. It’s heating temperature 30°c to 70°c. 

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