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Probably the most important thing a woman carries around with her is her wallet and it is the million dollar question: “what is the best wallet for women?”. When it comes to fitting in all of the essentials, a well-designed wallet is essential. I know my wallet is jam-packed full of work IDs, credit cards, loyalty cards, travel passes, stamps, receipts and of course bills and coins.

It was a real task to try and find one to meet all of my needs! But, practical needs to be met with stylish too. You may even want more than one wallet. After all, when you’re on holiday abroad, you won’t need to take anything more than a few bills and coins with you when you’re out and about.

Best wallet for women Review:

Hobo Wallets For Women

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Very decent and smart look, superb storage space – this is the best wallet for women you would probably have been waiting for! Those who like to go with simplicity, this wallet would be just perfect. “Hobo’s Wallets” is the brand that could meet up all your desires regarding the wallet issues. The outstanding look will snatch your heart with its amazing decency, we guaranty!

This wallet is amazing with its beautiful leather. This is a very smart and vintage looking wallet. Also the functionality of this wallet will make you speechless. The zipper quality is great and you would feel much safe to carry it anywhere.

The leather quality is fabulous. And the most important thing is, the wallet comes up with so many card slots, chambers and compartments and thumb guide so that you can keep all your valuables at ease. There is also a small zip pocket at the center of it for the safekeeping of your changes or coins.

How many colors are available?

There are around amazing four to five colors available. And I hope you will definitely love them.

Is it a double zipper wallet?

Not exactly! This is a single zip wallet with multiple compartments.


  • Very smart and decent look.
  • Excellent leather quality.
  • Good quality leather.
  • Around two slip pocket is available.
  • A small change pocket for the coins is also available.
  • ID window is available.
  • It can be opened flat for easy use.


  • Card slots could be a little bit loose.
  • The interior lining color may change over time.

Bifold Ladies Clutch Large Travel Purse

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Best travel wallet women- Bifold Ladies Clutch Large Travel Purse is the one I have always desired for. Basically for its function and the amazing design I like it a lot. This is the best wallet for women, especially for its design.

In the beginning, I was worried about the storage capacity of the wallet. Later I could find that there are more than enough card slots and storage space available inside it. I can manage to keep around 7 credit cards, papers of bill and coins easily in it. For the bill papers, I can use around 4 chambers extra in it. There is also a chamber in the middle for the coins.

The closure is made with a very good quality zipper and the fabric quality is also good. You would love this for the wristlet strap with it which is detachable. The style, design, the textured canvas all made this wallet look beautiful and special. The best part of this wallet is that you can keep your cell phone comfortably in the phone chamber settled in it.

What is the inner material of this wallet made of?

The inner material of this wallet is made of best quality PU leather.

How many colors are available?

There are five colors are available at present, more to come. 


  • Superbly designed with textured canvas.
  • Very stylish.
  • Enough storage capacity for keeping so many cards and papers along with cell phones.
  • Contains good quality zipper with the closure.
  • Best quality leather.
  • Perfect gift idea especially for women.
  • An excellent wristlet strap available.


  • The wrist strap is not strong enough.
  • The canvas design made this unsuitable for all occasion; only suited for specific occasion.

COACH Women’s Leather Double Zip Wallet

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You might have used so many wallets in life but the wallet with a compartment for a cell phone is really a unique idea. COACH Women’s Leather Double Zip Wallet is the one which introduces you to such a facility. We opine this is the best wallet for women ever.

Coach’s women wallet is very stylish and easy to carry. In every party you can use this wallet with much comfort. The important fact about this wallet is that there is more than enough storage capacity. So you will face no difficulties to keep so many cards and papers even cell phone inside it. Unlike the other wallets, this wallet consists of good quality leather.

There is a wrist strap also with it. There is another exceptionality of this wallet; it contains very light-weight leather. The simplicity and the decent look make anyone dumbstruck and fall in love with this wallet. So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your valentine, your mom, your sister you want to surprise with this.

Is the wrist strip detachable?

Absolutely! The wrist strap is completely detachable and you can attach it again.

Is there any small change pocket available?

Sorry, I’m afraid, there’s no small change pocket available in it.


  • Light-weight leather.
  • Amazing color.
  • Very stylish.
  • Comes up with multiple compartments and chambers for the cards, currencies, papers and so on.
  • A compartment for cell phone is available.
  • Offers a detachable wrist strap.
  • Huge storage space.


  • Quality of stitching is not good enough.
  • Small pocket for coins or changes is not available.

Elephant Wallet Bohemian Purse

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Some ladies have a strong allergy of using ordinary and common things for their daily use. Using a unique best wallet for women is the most important issue for them. After a lot of experiment, We have prepared Best Small Travel Wallet-Elephant Wallet Bohemian Purse, which is really extraordinary. This is the best suited wallet so far.

This Wallet is truly amazing. The design and outlook are completely exceptional. The elephant canvas on the entire surface over the wallet makes it extremely unique and artistic. You can take it to your office everyday carrying all your daily required tools, cards and paper even the cell phone in it.

All the chambers and compartments are very well organized. In fact, it is quite convenient keeping all the tools in an organized way.  As a result, you would have to face no difficulties to search a thing from it. Moreover, the double zipper, huge storage compartments, the unique style and design- all make it extraordinary and very easy to use.

Can I adjust my Note 8 in the chamber of this?

Why not! You can fit not only Note 8 but also Note 9 in here with pleasure.

Is there a pocket for coins available?

Yes, of course! There is a small coin pocket available inside.


  • Usable for multi-purpose.
  • Exceptionally designed.
  • Storage space is huge enough to carry a large phone.
  • Very well organized chambers and compartments.
  • The top quality zipper is adjusted.
  • A detachable wrist strap is available.
  • A small pocket for coins is available.


  • The card slots are a little bit tight.
  • The design is not suitable for carrying everywhere.

FRYE Melissa Zip Leather Wallet

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Last week at a party, my cousin brought an amazing wallet for me as a gift. It is called FRYE Melissa Zip Leather Wallet. Whenever I saw this wallet I fell in love with it. It is truly beautiful. The size is also perfect for me- small and simple.

The wallet consists of genuine top grade leather. The size is small but soft and durable. Moreover, it has one zipper slot in the middle and at each side their card slots. This nice decoration enables you to enjoy much comfort using it. Also it has the capacity to keep lots of cards. And undoubtedly, this is a perfect wallet for your daily use.

For having large card slots, You can enjoy easy access and removal of the cards. Furthermore, the colors are also standard and trendy. When you are in a hurry, it is perfect to carry. Even you can keep my small phone in the separate compartment. The zip coin pocket helps to keep all your changes safe. In a word, this is the best wallet for women and you would just love having it.

What is the capacity in each slot for keeping checkbook?

There are 8 card slots and open space behind both slots. Slots are big enough to keep your checkbook.

Does it give any warranty?

No, it doesn’t. But it gives 100% leather guaranty for lasting long time.


  • 100% leather and logo based wallet.
  • This is synthetic.
  • Standard outlook.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Available with gorgeous color.
  • Prompt Access and removal of cards.


  • This wallet is not perfect for large phones.
  • It has no RIFD protection.

What are the Best Wallet Bands For Women?

There are hundreds of different wallet brands out there. Here are some of my favorites with reasons why:

  • Hobo offer lots of lovely wallets in a variety of designs and materials. Most designs come in multiple colors. They really do have a massive range.
  • Coach has lots of different styles – zips, tri-folds, envelope wallets, ID wallets… You really are spoilt for choice.
  • FRYE has lots of products in premium leather best wallet for women.
  • UMODE has a great vintage wallet that has a very large capacity. It also has RFID blocking, which is a great bonus!
  • Luojida is at the cheaper end of the scale but offers some lovely, practical designs.

How do wallets add to a woman’s style?

Not only do wallets offer a practical and safe storage solution for credit cards and cash, but they can also add style to a women’s outfit. Nothing sparks of sophistication more than a matching wallet! Since these best wallet for women are so varied, you can have a day-time wallet and a selection of eye-catching wristlets for evenings out when you don’t need a large purse.

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