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Best Sawhorses

A sturdy sawhorse is a necessity for anyone undertaking a DIY project. Sawhorses help you to support planks of wood or beams, while you cut them, and if you place a large wooden board over the top of two sawhorses, you also have a sturdy workbench. Sawhorses are a relatively simple tool, and the best sawhorses aren’t necessarily anything too fancy, but they do provide convenience and versatility that is helpful for all projects.

The best sawhorses are going to be strong, and sturdy. When purchasing a sawhorse, always check how much weight they can hold, and how heavy they are. You ideally want a sawhorse that is light enough to be easily maneuvered around, but solid enough that it can withstand weight and pressure without breaking. Many sawhorse products come with removable clamps and trays for extra convenience. While these can certainly come in handy for some jobs, they aren’t always necessary, and sometimes it’s better to opt for a basic model that you know is better quality.

Top 5 Best Sawhorses:

1. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

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2. Keter folding work table

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3. Stanley Folding Sawhorse

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4. Bora Sawhorse Support with Folding

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5. Keter Folding Sawhorse Work Table

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