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Best Leather Messenger Bags Buying Guide


The best leather messenger bags are amazing things. We have some of them reviewed for your enjoyment below. Lots of people use messenger bags, but what are they really good for?

A messenger bag is also known as a courier bag. They were designed in the pre-postal service era for couriers and messengers to carry their loads comfortably over long distances. A messenger bag goes over the shoulder and rests around the waist, so you can access it easily and quickly get it out of the way if you need. With your messenger bag, you can store quite a lot of essentials comfortably and conveniently.

Best Leather Messenger Bags Review:

ECOSUSI Women Messenger Bag

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This fabulous pink creation from ECOSUSI has the real zing and a classic styling, perfect for anyone who loves a bit of pink to brighten their days.

Using PU leather, the material construction of high quality and feels good to the touch. It is hard-wearing and will keep its color for a long time. It is not real leather but that can be a good thing if you object to the leather industry.

Smart features like easy to open clips, two internal compartments, and a top carrying strap make it a versatile and practical messenger bag, not just a stylish one. What is more, it is very affordable, at less than $50. A lots of people have reported that they love this bag.

The bag itself is quite small. Hence, so do not expect to be able to fit your laptop in there.


  • Fabulous pink and white coloring
  • Stylish design gives a classic look
  • Small and convenient for everyday use
  • Highly rated in Marketplace
  • Good for professionals and students
  • Available for free shipping
  • Well designed and crafted
  • In the affordable price range


  • Too small for academic work or school
  • PU leather is quite stiff
  • Pink is not everyone’s color

ECOSUSI Vintage Crossbody Messenger Bag

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Another cute and convenient messenger bag from ECOSUSI, who have made a name for themselves making affordable but well-made bags for women and girls. This particular creation has vintage styling, PU leather construction, plenty of space, and tough design.

The first feature you will notice is the black bow on the front. A straight black messenger bag would be a bit boring, so they put a cute little bow on to set the style off. It works well. The plastic-riveted straps keep the whole bag in good shape so your documents and valuables will emerge unbent and unwrinkled.

There is a front pocket for quick access and a larger zippered interior that can’t quite fit A4 but will get an iPad in easily. The straps are detachable and adjustable. The top flap has two magnetic buttons that keep it sealed when you need. it is cheap and reliable.


  • Distinctive black leather chic
  • Cute little bow on the front
  • PU leather construction is tough and durable
  • Two pockets with a magnetically sealed flap
  • The large interior pocket is zipped
  • Adjustable and removable straps
  • Top carrying handle for convenience
  • Convenient, smart, and easy to use


  • Too small for A4 documents
  • PU leather is not real leather
  • Black styling with bow and rivets

CoolBELL Messenger Multi-Functional

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This unisex large messenger bag is perfect for the modern age. It has great styling that is not gaudy or too subtle, it is comfortable (cotton and leather), and it can fit a lot in. What is more, you can pick it up for less than 50 USD.

The thoughtful design goes deep: the dedicated laptop section is padded with ball foam and there is a convenient elastic strap to keep it in the right place. It is a nightmare to open your bag and your laptop to slide out: this will not happen with this bag. Accessory compartments for all your electrical equipment are conveniently placed inside. Outside, there are four large pockets for quick access.

People like its comfort and styling. It is ideal for traveling for business, attending class with everything you need, or just keeping what you need close to you when you’re out.


  • Large, attractive, and spacious design
  • Dedicated padded laptop compartment
  • Accessories pockets for electricals and electrical equipment more
  • Four exterior pockets for quick access
  • Perfect for traveling with business
  • Ideal for school and college work
  • Very affordable at less than $50
  • Adjustable and removable straps


  • Large size could be a drawback
  • Only one color available
  • Lots of pockets can be confusing

PURPLE RELIC Messenger Crossbody Bag

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This is one of the best messenger bags under $100. This handcrafted bag has high-quality leather and a gorgeous, homely look. You will realize the comfort of wearing it.

Customers are happy with this bag. Because there are lots of pockets for accessories, the bag is comfortable to wear, and it looks amazing. One of the best things that come with Purple Relic is their customer service. They sort out your problem with no problems.

Also the construction quality is quite high. Simultaneously, the stitching is impeccable, the leather (a bit stiff) is good, and the whole design is for durability and comfort. However, if you want to put a laptop in your messenger bag, look elsewhere. This will only fit an iPad or laptop under 10 inches, so it is at the smaller end of the messenger bag scale.


  • High-quality manufacture and materials
  • Affordable – you can buy it for $70
  • Handcrafted by Purple Relic
  • Genuine leather and cotton
  • Lots of interior pockets for pens and things
  • Zipper pockets for security
  • Good customer service from Purple Relic
  • Adjustable and comfortable strap


  • Not big enough for most laptops
  • The leather flip top can be stiff
  • Some problems with coloration

ECOSUSI Women’s Messenger Leather Bags

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A modern take on a classic design, this is another triumph for ECOSUSI. Made from high-quality PU leather, it has the look and feel of leather but the durability and ethics of synthetic construction.

Modern women need modern bags, but they don’t all like a modern look. This is the Best Leather Messenger Bag that would look great on the desk in the 50’s series Mad Men or in any modern workplace. You can fit a 14-inch laptop in there comfortably, along with all its accessories and more in the main compartment and 3 interior pockets.

Comfortable and convenient top handles complement the adjustable shoulders strap, so you can carry it any way you like. It will work well for school or work. Furthermore, you can get pens, makeup bags, purses, chargers, sunglasses and more in there and it will hold its shape well.


  • Classic, professional vintage looks and styling
  • PU leather is tough, ethical, and durable
  • The main compartment can fit the 14-inch laptop
  • Outer pocket for quick access
  • Adjustable strap extends 52 inches
  • Top handles and shoulder strap for convenience
  • Ample room for school or office work
  • Four colors are available, each a gorgeous classic tone


  • Not genuine leather but PU
  • Professional look is not much fun
  • Can’t fit a laptop bigger than 14 inches

ECOSUSI Women’s PU Leather Messenger Bags

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Another Messenger Bags faux leather fantasy from ECOSUSI, this crossbody messenger bag has style, professionalism, and convenient bursting out of its seams.

Those seams are well made. The craftsmanship of these bags is remarkable considering the price of less than $50. You can get four different colors, brown, blue, red, and black. Each one looks fantastic, you will have a hard time choosing.

A large decorated bow graces the front flap of the bag, giving the whole piece some movement and distinctiveness. In addition, all the flaps get closed with strong magnets and the top handle is very roughly made.

Moreover, the 55-inch adjustable strap is removable if you want to carry it by hand. Inside, there is a large padded compartment that will fit a 14-inch laptop, two small slip pockets, a small zippered pocket, and a compartment for all your other stuff. This is Ideal for travel to business, school, or college.


  • Will fit a 14-inch laptop
  • Big, cute bow on the front
  • Elegant and classic styling – very professional
  • 55-inch adjustable shoulder strap
  • PU leather is more ethical
  • Very affordable – less than $50
  • Lots of zippered and slip pockets
  • Padded laptop compartment with strap


  • PU leather is not real leather
  • Big bow is not everyone’s idea of taste
  • Not big enough for large laptops

FAQ For Best Leather Messenger Bags:

Are Best Leather Messenger Bags better for your back?

Not necessarily. Everyone’s back is different, and some people can cope with weights on a single shoulder. Those are put the weight down into one shoulder instead of pulling back on your shoulders like a rucksack. However, carrying anything on your shoulders for a long time is not good for you, so make sure you swap your shoulders regularly.

What are the Best Messenger Bags?

The best messenger bags are the ones that combine comfort, utility, and style. If you can comfortably carry it for an hour or more, you have a good one. The best look great, feel comfortable, and have everything you need. It has Lots of standard pockets, as well as an adjustable strap.

Why People use Best Leather Messenger Bags?

Because They are incredibly practical. They can store quite a lot of stuff and that stuff is easily accessible. For commuters on tightly packed trains or in crowds, they are ideal as they will not bump into people behind you. You can keep your bag at your sight all the times.

Who Makes the Best Messenger Bags?

“Best” is very subjective. The Best Messenger Bags for you is not necessarily the best for someone else, so you can easily disagree. No one company makes the best messenger bags, but brands like ECOSUSSI, Eastpak, Jansport, Purple Relic, and Wowbox make some of the most popular. Check out our list for more.

Why do you need the Best Leather Messenger Bags?

Because they look good, feel good, and are very convenient. You can get everything you need for a night out in a messenger bag without it getting in the way or looking ridiculous. They are very useful as well as being amazing fashion accessories.

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