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Electric bikes have become a mainstream method of transportation, and the market is full of different models for different purposes. Thanks to their popularity, there are a number of options for those who have smaller budgets. When looking for the best cheap electric bike, always check the motor power, the maximum speed, and battery life.

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Even at lower price points, you should still be able to find a bike with a powerful motor. The cheapest electric bikes might not offer you the fastest top speeds or cycling range compared to higher-end models, but you should still be able to find a model that meets your needs satisfactorily.

The best cheap electric bike will still be made from top-quality, durable parts where it matters most – the brakes, the electrical system, and the tires. When browsing models, pay attention to these components, as there are some times where you can’t afford to settle for less.

It’s fine to remove all of the unnecessary bike features and downgrade the quality of the materials used for other, less important parts of the bike, without affecting the overall riding experience. You should still be able to find a great electric bike in your price range made from long-lasting core parts.

Best Cheap Electric Bike:

Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults

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Sailnovo brand is amazing which brings a new type 14” electric bike for adults and teenagers. This Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults and teenagers comes up with gorgeous black color.

Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults brings its popular three functional modes with it. These are: (1) Electric Bike mode, (2) Pedal Assistant Bike mode and (3) Traditional Bike mode. You can choose any type of modes to enjoy your journey according to your demand.

Maximum load limit is 264.5 lbs or 120 kg but suitable between 4.1 to 5.1ft riders. This electric bike contains the maximum speed 18.6MPH (30KMH) and maximum range 25-28 Miles (40-45 km).

Moreover, this bike has one step folding system with a total weight of 55Ibs/ 25kg. So, you don’t have worry about carrying it with bare hand. You can store it in a car or in any other place occupying minimum space.

This electric bicycle contains 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-ion battery which is detachable. You can get it recharged and then refit into the bike again. The quality of the battery is so good that it would last unbelievably longer period of time.

Its strong 350W brushless motor with rear wheel provides enough power to reach at speed up to 18.6mph in electric mode. Therefore, you will get more freedom, more fun rushing for your destination.

In addition to it, the battery needs total 5 to 6 hours for 100% charging if it runs out. Its IP54 waterproof technology keeps the battery and motor safe and sane. This electric bike has sharp LED headlight so you can ride at night without any worry.

LCD display screen displays the capacity of battery, speed, and distance travelled. Besides, the handlebar is designed as ‘non-slip bump’ that helps to control the speed more comfortably.

Furthermore, its double disk brake system helps to improve riding stability and keeps you safe avoiding unintentional accidents. Moreover, the 14 inches air filled tires ensure the top performance.

Generally it takes about 3 to 7 workdays on delivery with beautiful package. Here the company provides high quality lifelong technical support. If you face any problem with the product, you just have to inform and they will solve it within 24 hours.

Jetson Electric Bike

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If anyone wants to purchase small size electric bike with good quality then Jetson Electric Bike is perfect for him. It’s a small sized wonderful electric bike with a diverse range of product attributes.

Maximum speed of this electric bike is 15.5 mph and maximum range is 13 miles. So it is clear that the journey on this Jetson Electric Bike is very amazing.

Its strong 350 watt motor works better comparing other traditional motors used at electric bike. Besides, its 14 inches wheel helps to run the bike very fast and smoothly also. The rubber grip tires and dual disk brake system have added extra value to this product.

As the bike is made especially for the adults, they can use it easily and quite comfortably. LCD display player displays the limitation of speed, capacity of usages battery. When the battery runs out you need to connect it with the charger and the charging level shows on it.

Moreover, the quality of the lithium battery is good. When the battery is dead it has to be connected with charger and it takes about 4 hours for charging.

This Jetson electric bike has folding down system so it is easy to fold and carry anywhere. The product elements are well built and safety protected. So there is no fear about riding the bike.

The bike is specifically made for road usages. It’s not suitable on sea beach areas. Its beautiful black or blue exterior is mind blowing. Everybody will love this wonderful folding electric bike. This could be a perfect gift for your near and dear ones.

YH-G7 Mens Folding Mountain Bike

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Cycling is good exercise to keep in good health and make friends with new people. But bicycle is as usual so bulky to carry and store. Here is the solution of this problem YH-G7 Mens Folding Mountain Bike is an amazing bike for men.

This EUROBIKE YH-G7 folding mountain bike is equipped with a quick release slip. It can be folded in seconds without tools any time. The gears of this bike can be changed easily and enjoy the speed excitement with 21 speed shifter.

Double brake system of the bike provides strong stopping power than other traditional V brake system. Even at high speed, the front and rear disk brakes help the riders to make immediate stop. Thus, they promise for greater safety. This model bike adopts Shimanto shifters and derailleurs which ensure smooth riding.

Moreover, its shock absorbers are more powerful with the dual suspensions like front and rear which match with high density. The 18 inches frame of the bike is made of steel which is conveniently foldable. Besides, it stays between 5.5” – 6.1” for riders. The maximum load weight is 300 LBS.

In addition, this folding mountain bike has smooth curve as well as gorgeous, trendy outlook. This is available with nice orange color and army green color.

The height of the bike seat is adjustable and suitable to anyone. So riding on it for longer duration wouldn’t be boring and uncomfortable at all. It’s easy to carry and you could make the folding smoothly and quickly and store it anywhere.

YH-G7 bike comes with 85% assembled. Here you just need to install the front wheel, pedals, handlebar, seat and pump up the tires. If you follow all installation instruction seriously to assemble the bike, it wouldn’t take much time.

Finally, the quality of this bike is outstanding. It could be the best suited gift for your close relative or friend. This YH-G7 bike is suitable for those people who live in city apartments.

If you are a city dweller, it could be more appropriate though this bike is suited for all areas.
Interested to try it?

ANCHEER Electric Bike

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ANCEER brings a wonderful mountain electric bike which is more enjoyable for all people while expediting through hills and trails. ANCHEER Electric Bike is one of the best products offered by the world’s famous brand ANCHEER.

This bike is equipped with 48V 500W high speed brushless motor which can generate 15% power compared to 36V 500W. When you are climbing the mountain it supplies strong power, more freedom and fun.

The bike has 48V 10Ah large capacity Lithium-ion battery which is easily removable. So it can be charged at household outlet beside the bike. It takes 6 hours for 100% charging. Both of the long range battery and off road capability make it the perfect choice for anyone rushing for adventures.

Please remember this bike model is 6.1”. And the recommended height is 5.1” -6.4”. Its load capacity is 330 Ibs, and weight of the vehicle is about 53 Ibs.

The frame is made with super strong aluminum alloy 6061, double-walled rims are made with the same materials. Its derailleur has the configuration of Shimano 21 speed gears.

The maximum speed of this bike is 35km per hour or 22mph. Mileage ranges are 36km/22 miles in throttle mode and 60km/38 miles in pedal mood. The 27.5” x 1.95 mountain professional wheels hold high speed.

The seat of this bike is soft and quite comfortable. The rear disk brake system works well and provides sufficient safety. Front and back rear disk brakes help to control speed mode. It also provides powerful and progressive brakes even in the rainy.

Moreover, the 5 speed level LCD smart meter is outstanding. LCD display shows the use and capacity of battery, speed level on screen. It also helps to integrated into your handlebars.

ANCHEER bike comes with 85% assembled. Main component and electric systems are high quality based. Riding on this bike could be much fun. You can try this once and you will certainly feel the difference.

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

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Newly released Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike is a wonderful electric mountain bike for adults. It’s a well-designed bike with spectacular black color at the exterior.

To begin with, Kemanner comes with three modes. The bike can be used as e-bike or pedal assist mode or simple pedal mode. It’s LED headlight supplies sufficient brightness at night to travel safely.

Then, this mountain bike has premium quality braking system which is reliable for all weather conditions. Front and rear mechanical disk with Shimano 21-Speed increases hill-climbing power, and further range variation. Moreover, the frame and handlebars of the bike is made of aluminum alloy that ensures maximum durability.

Next, come to some more specifications about this product:

• LED 3x-speed smart meter button
• dimension 26 inch
• Diameter of wheel: 65cm/25inch
• seat size: (26 x 17)cm / (10.2 x 6.7)inch
• Lithium battery size: (8.5 x 8 x 35) cm / (3.1 x 3.3 x 13.8) inch.
Other features of this electric mountain bike are given below:
• Lithium battery 36V and capacity 36V 8Ah
• mileage 36- 70 km
• 36V 250W speed brushless gear motors
• load capacity 150 kg
• Maximum speed 25-35 km per hour (US).

Here have smart battery charger for charging and it needs to 4-6 hours for full charging. The battery weight is about 2.2kg that is quite comfortable to carry. Again the vehicle’s weight is about 20 kg.

Some awareness about usage of this bike:

1) Have to be very careful to use the bike.
2) Don’t disconnect when the battery is on power.
3) To avoid parameters disorder parameter system not to be modified.


You should keep the battery out of reach for children. Do not try to open the battery ever. If it’s necessary to touch the battery please use a cloth or gloves. Also, make sure that no acid touches your eyes.

If the battery is dropped off somewhere and thus an accident occurs, there might be a risk of electrolytes leakage. So you have to beware of chemical burns.

If you face any problem with this electric mountain bike you just have to contact to them. And they will solve it within 24 hours.

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