Best Electric Bike under 500

An electric bike is a great transport option, allowing you a cleaner way of getting from point A to point B, without exerting too much energy. When trying to find the best electric bike under 500, there are a number of points to consider.

Firstly, look for the bike with the most power. You should be focusing on how fast the bike can go, the range/life of the battery charge, and how strong the motor is. Ideally, you want something that can go as fast as possible, with a strong motor that enables you to ride up hills and on uneven surfaces.

If you know that you only want to use the bike for shorter commutes then the range isn’t necessarily the most important factor, but otherwise, you should focus on models that can travel further without needing to be recharged.

Some electric bikes also offer added extras, such as a water bottle holder, and a USB outlet to charge your phone while you ride.

If you are someone who is going to use the bike for practical purposes and not just for leisure, then these little features might make all the difference while you are commuting to and from work. But for others, they might just be unnecessary bulk that drains the battery faster.

While looking for the best electric bike under 500, know what you want the bike for, and focus on a model that is either streamlined or can provide you with these extras.

Best Electric Bike under 500

Jetson Electric Bike

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If you are looking for a budget friendly electronic bike offering multidimensional features, try Jetson Electric Bike. Though this e-bike is specially designed for adults, it is perfectly suited for all age group from 12 to 65. Let me explain why the bike is so special.

Firstly, this is a small form of electric bike which is easy to ride. It is not only easy to handle but also convenient for storage. Also, its handle bars are designed as folded down. As a result, this conveniently fits into the luggage compartment of your bus while travelling.

Secondly, it can maximize the speed up to 15.5 miles per hour. And the bike can cover maximum 13 miles of distance using the twisted throttle. Therefore, you are allowed to make rush out for your destination while you have little time.

Thirdly, Jetson Electric Bike runs by its strong 350 Watt hub motor. This hub motor performs exceptionally well comparing other traditional motors used at electronic bikes. Moreover, it generates less noise while making smooth running.

Fourthly, its LCD display is well furnished. And this is easy to operate and all basic options are available at this display board. You can switch to Electronic mode to Pedal Assisted mode anytime whenever you want.

Fifthly, the tire on this bike is built with soft rubber with patterned design. And this design works as anti-slip. At the same time it can cope with the uneven roadways. The diameter of this wheel is 14 inches. Furthermore, it can climb up to 15 degree angles.

Sixthly, it has been facilitated with dual disk raking system. These disks are made with tough steel which can endure with any kind of shock. With the combination of gripped tire and metal disk brakes this electric bike becomes incredible. It’s really a great safe guard from avoidable accidents.

Seventhly, this is super light in weight. It weighs only 41 lbs (maximum). And maximum weight limit for riding is 265 lbs. This is super portable.

Now, we must say about its power source- the battery. With its 36 Volt 63.0 Ah Lithium battery you can make restless trips. It takes 4 hour to get full charge. This battery is quite reliable, no need to worry.

One more thing, the dimensions of the package is 46.85” x 24.02” x 9.06” and it weighs around 53.9 Pounds. You can use Jetson App to run this bike.

If you want to burn your body fat, you can use pedal mode. When you are tired, you may choose pedal assist mode or full electric mode.

To sum up, Jetson Electric Bike is a perfect gift for your little kid aged over twelve. It comes up with two spectacular colors: Blue and Black. Choose whichever you like.

Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults

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If you demand for an upgraded multifunctional premium quality electric bike, Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults could be your ideal. Built with superior craftsmanship this e-bike could be the best for your secure unobstructed commuting.

Let’s start with its top class powerful 350W motor. As it is attached with rear wheel, this brushless high speed motor really kicks in. Its pedaling also becomes super easy. And it delivers sufficient power to reach at 30 km/h or 18.6 mph at the full electric mode.

Then we should talk about its salient features of the 36V Lithium-ion battery consisting of 10.4 Ah. Comparing regular battery used for e-bikes, this has greater Ah. With the full charge it covers maximum 30 km. Moreover, its IP54 waterproof facility has ensured greater security for both the motor and the battery.

Like others, this electric bike has 3 common modes: (i) Full Electric, (ii) Traditional Bike, and (iii) Pedal assisting mode. If you want to go for sight-seeing with relaxation you can switch to pedal mode. And at this mode you don’t need to worry about battery charge and distance to travel.

The LCD dashboard gives you important information regarding mode you are using, battery usage, mileage, speed and many others. Due to the double LED front light and taillights and horn you can make expedition at dark nights too.

Furthermore, its 14” air-filled tires give you astounding cycling stability. Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike for Adults furnishes separate braking system for both rear and front side wheels. Its strong and rapid braking power guarantees your safe and secure journey.

In addition, the saddle is furnished with high-dense sponge to make your ride more enjoyable. The height of the seat is adjustable; not fixed. And because of its foldability, you can put it in small car trunk effortlessly.

What is more, its maximum load capacity is 120 kg and mostly suited up to 5.1 feet tall riders. Generally the company makes the delivery within 3 to 7 working days. Their 24/7 technical support service is praise worthy.
So, stay relaxed after purchasing.

Foldable Electric Bicycle

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The newly released Foldable Electric Bicycle is a mind blowing electric bike specially designed for school going children. Actually, this bike is a sort of sports bike which is easily operable and conveniently rideable without any worry.

To begin with, the bicycle is made with top class materials. The frame is built with superior quality steel which ensures its exceptionally longer durability. Its sturdy cranks add extra value to this product.

Let’s talk about its brakes. The Foldable Electric Bicycle has 2 hand brakes: The Front caliper brake and the Rear caliper brake. The combination of these two has ensured the best braking system without a doubt. The brake levers take care of your bike braking promptly and effectively.

Now, come to the tire issues. Foldable Electric Bicycle comes up with pneumatic 2.4 inches wide tires. These tires together with the 20 inches wheels assure your greater safety and stability during ride.

Moreover, the bike has anti-slip pedal with resin on it. Also the chain guard ensures more safety during ride. The bearings are well-sealed and those offer your children an awesome smooth and joyous ride. It can go up to 20 miles per hour.

What is more, this fabulous bicycle is well furnished and well painted. It is painted white which looks gorgeous at its appearance. The magnificent exterior with such bright color and charming style surely will draw attention to any school going student.

In addition, it has interesting bells and DIY decals. The DIY markers have made the ride more entertaining. And we must say about the comfortable soft seats to enjoy your child’s happy ride.

Finally, you get the bicycle 95% in assembled way. Whereas you would see only 85% assembled at best on the market. Hence it saves your time for installing the front side wheel and brake. It offers with assembly tools.

Check the quick guide. It provides an understandable chart that will indicate appropriate size of bicycle for your child.
Want to give a try?

YaYiYa Big Fat Tire Bike

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Are you in search of a cruiser type low cost user friendly double disk brake bicycle? Here comes YaYiYa Big Fat Tire Bike to fulfil all your demand you sought for. Probably this 21 speed sand bike would be more than perfect for you if you have very little budget to spend.

In the beginning, this mountain bike bearing 26 inches wheels with fat rim tires is perfectly suited for any climate conditions. Due to its anti-skid pattern and design on the tire, it can move smoothly on uneven and rocky roads.

As a result, you can cope up with any road condition with its 21-speed shifter. For instance, if you are on the way for an uphill climb or a downhill ride or flat way driving.

Moreover, you can change the gear swiftly with your fingers. Its gear system allows you to make appropriate sliding on any slope or surfaces. Its frame suspension is built with updated technology.

In fact, this sturdy frame consists of highly durable tough carbon steel elements. With the perfect combination of premium quality wielding this foldable bike frame becomes almost invincible.

What is more, the ergonomic seat is so comfortable that you would not feel discomfort due to long time riding. Actually it would keep you away from being fatigued.

No question will be there regarding tough double disk brakes. Disk brakes are the best mechanism for strict control of your bike and YaYiYa Big Fat Tire Bike offers this facility.

One thing you should keep in mind that the ideal weight of the rider would be below 200 lbs. And recommended height would be 5’ 2’’ to 5’ 9”.

Furthermore, its assembling is just a piece of cake. As there are some cables near handlebars, firstly, you would need to rotate them a little bit. Then, you should make necessary adjustment to the disk brake cables. You have to tighten the brake bolt as well.

Next, put the pedals on and after that the seat too. Then, place the handlebars and attach the front side wheel. After that, mount the cables with the bars. Finally, stuff on grips and then tighten all the screw, nut and bolts. Now you bike is ready for ride.

In Conclusion, you don’t have to worry about YaYiYa Big Fat Tire Bike at all. The company offers refund and replacement warranty of 60 days for your convenience. If you have any issue, just contact to them. This bicycle is suitable for all age group from teen to adult. Just try this out and enjoy.

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