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Best Garment Bags for Travel


There comes a time in everyone’s life when she or he realizes the need for a garment bag. A new suit, an expensive dress, a job that requires travel – in all these cases you may need it.

You must be at that point in life, or maybe you are just looking for a replacement. It can be hard to choose, so let our simple guide show you the best garment bags for you.

The best garment bag is one that is versatile, well made, and easy to carry around. Now if you’ve made the decision to seek one out, it is time to find the best garment bags.

Key Advantages of Garment Bags

  • They keep your clothes crease-free, wherever you are
  • You can transport a lot of clothes more easily with garment bags
  • Much cheaper to use garment bags than to get dry-cleaning all the time
  • A cheap way to keep expensive clothes in good condition
  • You can store clothes efficiently and safely
  • They are easy to carry around, better than a suitcase
  • You can complement your style with the right garment bags
  • They can be very cheap
  • Stop pests and accidents from destroying your clothes
  • You can organize your wardrobe much easier with garment bags

Best Garment Bags Review:

ZEGUR Suit Carry Garment Bag For Travel

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This is a garment bag and much more. It has lots of brilliant features that make it perfect for the traveling businessperson, academic, or worker. The main compartment can keep your suit looking amazing with its 3 straps and rigid sides.

On the other side, there is a space for your shoes in a Velcro compartment (this will stop you from soiling your clothes with your shoes – they are never clean). Furthermore, a cute mesh pocket is great for keeping small items like ties, and a zipper pocket is perfect for accessories like your watch and jewelry.

For under $50, it is hard to find something better than this. It has a front pocket that can act as a backpack too. Carry it over your shoulder, in your hand, or strap it to your luggage. It is small enough to fit in hand luggage but big enough to get everything you need for a quick trip in.


3 interior straps for security

Rigid build keeps your clothes safe from crumples

Shoulder or hand carry for convenience

Small enough for hand luggage

Perfect for commutes and long haul

Space for accessories in the front pocket

Lots of compartments for all your essentials

Highly rated and bestseller


Mesh pockets easily rip

Have to fold your suit jacket – not ideal

Wheels are tightly spaced – can easily unbalance

Travelpro Rolling Garment Bag

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Travelpro makes some of the most popular travel bags in the world. You can see them at every airport and bus terminal in the USA for a good reason. They are affordable, tough, and very well designed. This Maxlite 22-inch lightweight carry-on is a brilliant example of those qualities.

This is small enough to fit in an overhead locker on a plane; this rolling garment bag is perfect for the traveling businessperson. Moreover, it has tough, widely placed wheels that keep it stable when it’s rolling behind you, a retractable handle for easy airport navigation, and a lot of space in its small body.

Inside is a checked lined space with 3 straps to keep your garments in place. You can easily get a full suit and all the accessories in the main compartment. In addition, on the front there is a convenient zippered pocket. So, you can get a laptop, work documents, or just anything you need in there.


Widely spaced wheels are very stable

Wheels are actually inline skate wheels

Convenient size can fit in the overhead locker

Retractable handle for easy commuting

Lightweight means ultimate convenience

Well made from quality materials

Very affordable at around $100

Stylish design is good for serious businesspeople

Lifetime coverage and 1-year carrier cover


There are cheaper garment bags available

Quite small, could be a problem

Some complaints of wrinkled clothes

London Wheeled Garment Bag

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A simple and stylish garment bag from London Fog, what we have here is a brilliant design for the accomplished traveler. Nobody likes to have crumpled clothes; this is a garment bag that can almost guarantee your clothes will arrive in top condition.

To your utter surprise the Interior is spacious, with a large compartment for your suit jacket, pockets around the top for small items of clothing like underwear and tights, and a dedicated shoe compartment. On the other side of the interior there are several well-designed compartments for all your different clothes.

The exterior is black and looks great. A neat feature is the zippers that come over the corner of the bag, this stops them getting snagged and opened unless you want them to. Interestingly, its nicely roomy front pocket can fit a small laptop or a few magazines for your flight. For the experienced traveler, this is a perfect companion. It is well priced too.


Spacious design can fit a lot in

Tough construction from quality materials

Hanger bracket works very well

Adjustable and retractable handle for easy travel

The front pocket is roomy enough for a laptop

Zippers are high quality and well made

Affordable at around $150

Lots of interior pockets for exceptional organization


There are cheaper garment bags on the market

The flimsy handle on some units

Aspire Xlite Wheeled Garment Bag

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Samsonite is one of the names in travel gear. They have been making high quality and affordable shell suitcases for a long time. The Aspire Xlite is not a shelled suitcase but it carries the same attention to detail and quality construction that made Samsonite so popular.

With a squat square shape and widely separated wheels, it is very stable as you rush to call a cab or get to the final check in on time. Besides, the handle is a little flimsy but seems to be tough enough. It is adjustable and retractable.

Inside is a typically well-designed garment area, with plenty of space for a couple of suits. Surprisingly, it even has a hanger hook for speedy transfers from your wardrobe. Lots of pockets and compartments mean it is very easy to organize your life on the road. However, there are complaints of poor construction, they are positive overall.


Affordable at about $150

Widely spaced wheels make it very stable

Adjustable handle for easy pulling along

Lightweight – it weighs just over 10 pounds

Hanger hook is a very useful feature

Interior and exterior pockets

Very easy to organize and use

Extender panel works very well


There are cheaper garment bags available

No lifetime guarantee available on this model

Golden State Ink Garment Bag

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Golden State Ink makes some of the best looking garment bags on the planet. They are subtle and stylish, which perfectly complements the very high standard of construction and excellent price for this bag.

Unexpectedly For under $60, you can get all the features of the more expensive garment bags with much the same quality. Firstly, there is a lot of space in this garment bag. You can fit a couple of suits in there nicely. Secondly, the interior is very well crafted, maximizing usable space for your convenience. Thirdly, you can even detach two organizational pockets if you need them.

Fourthly, on the front there are two pockets perfectly suited to store your shoes away from your suit. This separation is a good touch – shoes are never clean and can easily make dirty your expensively dry-cleaned suit.


This has two front pockets which are perfect for shoes

Dedicated laptop slot is well protected

Lots of space inside for your clothes

Detachable organizational pouches

It is cool at styling and construction

Very decently priced at less than $60

Pockets galore for all your stuff

Tough polyester construction built to last


This bags has not feet or wheels – For carry only

It has lots of pockets which could be difficult to organize

100% money back guarantee from the seller

DELSEY Trolley Garment Bag

No products found.

This Delsey Luggage Cruise is a serious garment bag for the serious traveler. It consists of Ballistic Nylon, which can stretch and withstand a lot of damage before it tears. Undoubtedly, this bag is Ideal for someone who is on the road for most of the time.

Looking at the Luggage Cruise Lite, it has a boxy, black frame and sticks out wheels. Although this design may look vulnerable to getting the wheels knocked off, yet it gives unparalleled mobility on flat ground. As the boxy shape makes it difficult to carry for a long time by hand, it has got sophisticated engineering to be wheeled around airports, so this is not a problem.

Inside, space is elegantly partitioned for maximum organization and minimum creasing. In addition, with straps for your suit, a hanging hook for your suit, and lots of pockets for all your smaller clothes, it is ideal for the serious traveler, who can’t afford to worry about the quality of their bag.


Impressive styling – it looks great

This is made from Ballistic Nylon – super tough

Well designed for maximum convenience

Exterior pockets for laptops and accessories

Lightweight and easy to control

Book opening design is ideal for smart clothes

Extender panel, zippered compartments, and straps

Worldwide 10-year warranty

Not cheap but worth the extra cash


This is expensive at $180

Wheels look vulnerable to knocks

Not great for carrying long distances

No shoulder carrying strap

London Fog Wheeled Garment Bag

No products found.

Another brilliant garment bag from London Fog. With their characteristic style, they have designed an affordable, good-looking, and very useful garment bag. Astonishingly, for $140, you can pick up this durable and well-designed bag and take it on the road with you, wherever you go.

When it opens up, you find a huge rectangular area that has ample space for your suits, accessories, small clothes, slippers and more. In addition, there is a large strap to keep your suit in place and a convenient hanger hook for quick transfers from your wardrobe. Moreover, two detachable organizational bags sit in the corners. Also, Mesh and fabric pockets are everywhere; you can store a lot in this bag.

However, there are some concerns about the quality of construction, with some people disliking the zippers and materials.


Its price is affordable at around $140

London Fog make cool looking bags

Wide wheel base for stable wheeling

It is well-designed interior is very useful

The exterior pocket is large enough for laptops

Adjustable handle for easy trundling

Lots of space for all your accessories


Small wheels are one directional (but tough)

Other bags with the same price is better rated

Travel Select Business Garment Bag

No products found.

For under 40 bucks, you cannot get a better garment bag. It has all the features of its more expensive cousins, and while the construction and materials might not be as high quality, it is still an impressive garment bag.

Made from 1200D polyester and EVA, it is a bag designed to last. It is a front-zippered design, so the front comes out to form the half of the garment compartment. Certainly this is a good design, not as efficient as a half-split bag but still very useful. Also, it is low slung and has a wide wheel base. As a result, it is very stable when you are in a hurry. Interestingly, the handle extends a long way, so even the tallest fellow will enjoy using it.

The interior is simple, with a hanger hook for your suit, two corner compartments, a mesh compartment, and a strap for your suit. This bag is super cheap and effective in 4 colors.


Very cheap at less than 40 dollars

Small size is very convenient

Tough polyester and EVA construction

It is simple design – not too many pockets

Long handle for all travelers

Front pockets for your convenience

Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap

Corner protected skate wheels

Convenient size at 23 inches long


Some quality is sacrificed for affordability

It is not the best looking bag on the market

Single direction wheels can be annoying

Tri-fold Garment Bag

No products found.

The tri-fold bag is a brilliant design for any traveler who really needs to pack a lot in. The bag is folded about 16.5 x 22.5 x 4.3 inches and just unfolded 50 x 22.3 x 3 inches, so there is a lot of space to use. Tri-fold bags are soft and unstructured so they can be easily slotted into spaces that rigid bags could not.

Especially this is convenient for economy class travel, where overhead space is limited.

This Mercury Luggage creation can be bought for under $110 and is worth every cent. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and a carrying handle. Because it is unstructured, it can fit very comfortably around your body. Furthermore, there is plenty of space for your suit in the simple interior. A simple strap may be all people’s need.

Finally, its exterior pockets have plenty of space for your laptop or documents and you will have easy access to them.


The simple design is ideal for simple travel

Very affordably priced at less than $110

Adjustable and removable shoulder strap

Outside pockets for laptop and/or documents

Quality denier polyester materials used

This is very highly rated and elsewhere

Clothing strap inside for your suit

Comfortable to carry and convenient


Its quality is sacrificed for low price

No wheels to be seen

Unstructured construction could be inconvenient

It is too simple for some persons

FAQ For Best Garment Bags

How To Uses Best Garment Bags?

Business Travellers

When you are traveling for work, you need to make sure that you are looking fresh when you get to your destination. Nobody can wear a suit on a plane or in a car and look presentable afterward, Hollywood is lying to you. Get some garment bags, get to work and look fresh.


If you are lucky enough to have more clothes than you can wear, you need some way of keeping them in good condition. A good garment bag will keep away moths, stop crumbling, and make sure your clothes look amazing when you need them.

Why Best Garment Bags are perfect for you?

You need to travel. You need to look good when you get there. The best garment bag will make your traveling easy and also make you look fresh when you get there.

How can you bring the Best Garment Bag as a carry on?

It’s easy to do, just make sure you don’t accidentally put it in the hold. Most garment bags will fit as carry on, but make sure you check with your carrier.

Buying Guideline for Best Garment Bags

Design Look

You can get single garment ones, garment bags that will take several suits or dresses, or bags that are designed for specific items of clothing. Some have handles on the top for carrying like a portfolio, others can be carried like duffel bags or on your back.

About Colors

Best garment bags are white, black or blue, but you can get any color you like to suit your wardrobe and personality.

Quality Manufacture

There is nothing as frustrating as the handle on your garment bag coming off as you are running for the final check-in. Make sure you get good quality.

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