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Best Crossbody Bags For Travel Buying Guideline


Best crossbody bags for travel are darlings, aren’t they? Dinky, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish, the crossbody is a must for any serious fashion lover. You hang them over the shoulder, so they are the most comfortable kind of handbag you can buy.

Best Crossbody Bags Review

Heshe Women’s Crossbody Bags For Travel

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This Heshe leather handbag is perfect for the serious business woman because of classic style with hard-wearing leather materials and strong metal buttons. It is large enough to fit in a laptop or a lot of documents, and small enough that you can use it as a day-to-day bag.

For under $100, this Heshe bag will give you the comfort and style for every situation you could find yourself in. The zippered interior is a dark polyester interior with two big pockets. One has a zipper and an interior pocket for valuables, the other is perfectly sized for your cell phone. You can get all your daily essentials in here: small laptop, an iPad, cell phone, purse, makeup box, and documents.

All those essentials will be safe with the double handles and detachable carry strap. It comes in two sizes, so make sure you choose the one you want when you buy.

Heshe Vintage Women’s Leather CrossBody Bag

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Available in 7 distinct and stylish colors, the Heshe vintage handbag is a gorgeous, voluptuous handbag that is big enough to handle any situation. Its high-quality construction and materials mean you don’t have to worry about it when you’re in a rush.

The top zipper reveals an inside compartment big enough for A4 documents, an iPad, or a small laptop. There is a zippered pocket on the inside for extra security, and a slot perfect for your cell phone. On the front there is a zippered pocket for super-quick access.

This is a stylish and practical leather shoulder handbag. Its straps are fully adjustable, so you can carry it at any height that is comfortable for you. Keep the shoulder strap if you want it, or just unclip it if you do not. Lightweight and comfortable, made from high-quality materials, this Heshe is not going to let you down.

Leather Crossbody Bags For Travel

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A brilliantly practical cross between a handbag and a purse, you can use this handbag and satchel for small trips or for looking fantastic wherever you are. It has the portability of a large purse and can contain a lot of what you need for day to day business. At the same time, it has a shoulder strap and handbag handles, so you can sling it over your shoulder when you need to. The short handles (about 4 inches) make it easy to swing from an elbow or hold in the hand.

All Heshe handbags are of high quality, this is no exception. It has a combination of genuine leather and synthetic materials, but you could never tell. The body has little zipped up compartments on the front and back for quick access. Inside, there is a main pocket that opens to reveal a smaller zippered pocket, a cell phone slot, and a credit card/ID slot.

Heshe Women’s Crossbody Bag

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An ample tote bag from Heshe, this is a great (and cheap!) choice for someone who needs a big bag for work and getting around. Although it is a practical Best Crossbody Bags for travel, it still looks fantastic. It’s made from real leather and has the classic design for a shoulder tote that is never going to go out of fashion.

You can buy one for $50 in 5 different colors (black, jester red, pink, navy blue, and sorrel). It is easily large enough to fit a big laptop, an iPad and lots of school/work documents in there, if you can carry that much. The outside styling is simple but elegant, and inside you will find a large zippered pocket with interior pockets for your cell phone, ID and more.

A stylish and incredibly useful tote, you will soon love your Heshe and take it everywhere with you throughout your day.

Women’s Heshe Vintage Leather bags

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One of the Best Crossbody Bags for Travel is for women and girls, this Heshe creation is a gorgeous, quality addition to any bag collection. It will do well for school and commuting as it is able to contain a lot of stuff comfortably. The elegant exterior pocket is perfect for the things you need quickly: makeup, tissues, ID cards and more. Inside the main body there is a big pocket for big things like mobile phones, and an invisible pocket for the things you don’t want any intruder to find.

On the back there is a zippered pocket for the things you want to keep as close to your body as possible.

Shoulder straps make this a great bag to take to school, college, university, or work. It is not just a backpack. Interestingly, it is a messenger bag, a backpack, a shoulder bag, and a hobo all at the same time. You can adjust the straps to fit you perfectly. Classy and practical.

How to choose Best Crossbody Bags For Travel?

The first tip is to look at the styling. It seems obvious, but if your first reaction to the bag is not “I really like that one”, don’t bother with it. It might be a better price or have that feature you wanted, but you have to go with your gut instinct when it comes to fashion. Next, think about size.

What do you need to get in there?

Is it a serious, day to day crossbody bag or one for going out with your friends? A bigger one will be useful for the day to day essentials you need. A smaller one is perfect for just looking great.

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